14 July, 2006

14th of July bits

  • Coincidentally the post to celebrate one year was also the 400th post! Yay!

  • A friend of mine has thankfully spent some time with me and given me some options and tips on how to improve the blog's look. Changes are definetly under wraps. Don't expect anything that HUGE (for example, unfortunately no flash gimmicky stuff - despite the coolness). Feel free advance comments on what should be included! I'd like comments on what colors are the most appropriate (since this is Paladin-themed blog overall).

  • I was reading around the WoW-boards a couple of days ago and thought of something. But since I forgot the links so I could quote the CM's I didn't write it. Now I finally got the links. Yay!

    The deal is...guess what - the Protection tree! I know this issue has been run in to the ground over and over again. But it's important because it's a full talent tree that signifies that when we got our review we only got two-thirds of the attention we deserved. We waited ten months for more polished and increased options granted through more proper and fine-tuned talents, and when it's been an extra ten months after that and we still don't have seen anything (yet after statements and hints of promises thereof), of course it's the top issue!

    The deal is that, if you expect anything to happen before the Burning Crusade, you're wasting your time. Simple as that. Why?

    Tseric 7/13/2006 3:49:42 PM PDT:
    New abilities and talents are being reserved for the expansion. Class balance will resume at that time, when we have set a new level to balance around.
    CM to Player Translator: Sit on your ass, roll your thumbs and wait for the expansion.

    I had to literally rub my eyes when I read that. You've gots to be kidding me? They push back the rightfully-deserved changes weeks, months - so far back that it's come to the point of where the attitude is "Meh, it's not worth the time investment anymore because the expansion will be out soon and mess things up". This brings up the question: Why didn't they just spend the time promised to do a full review when they promised to do so, and not just make an entire fanbase sit and wait for changes that they probably knew wouldn't happen in the first place?

    Tseric 7/13/2006 4:07:16 PM PDT:
    New abilities, talents and level caps are what we are providing with the expansion. Therefore, attempting to 'balance classes' right now is time poorly spent, as large and defining changes are not that far off. The effort to 'balance classes' is going into expansion, where a new balance will have to be struck due to the aforementioned changes.

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    If you want something, get the other paladins and go to the general forum and bitch about it. Otherwise nothing gets done.

    5:50 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I disagree. Nothing we do will get paladins changed in WoW. I am looking forward to Vanguard.

    3:57 PM  

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