15 May, 2006

Metzen's Lore

Chris Metzen's comments on the lore conflicts were published today. Here's an excerpt:
Right To be totally up-front with you guys, it's my bad, straight up. The obvious lore contradiction with Sargeras and his encounter with the eredar was clearly documented in the Warcraft III manual. I wrote those bits about four years ago, and to be totally honest, I simply forgot. Genius, right?
And he details more stuff. Very cool read if you're in to this (I am a bit -- just not super-dedicated towards it). Nice to see that Metzen admits his mistakes and decides to take it like a man. Props to him for that. His rep meter for me just bumped from honored to revered.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not a big lore head or anything, but retconning anywhere pisses me off no matter where it is. It just flags you for being a poor writer.

I find it funny that everyone simply forgives it just because he basically turned "oops! my bad btw buy my book" into a wall of text.

Not only did he forget about a crucial point in the lore, but replaced it with something so lame. Took eredar, made them goody goody and renamed them draenei.

There are many suggestions to better weave in the new stuff but he doesn't want to do it because a book is already on its way to publishing.

This doesn't bode well for the Warcraft movie if they are so careless like this.

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