01 March, 2006

Eyonix brings his own weapons.

Not only done it more than once before, he's done it several times: several more blue threads in the Paladin forum right now. Most of it is all about providing appropriate class feedback in a constructive manner.

Trust me, the Paladin community is very, very appreciative of the attention he's giving. My question though is... Why is this? How come Eyonix suddenly is paying so unusually much time to talk to us? It feels like there has to be one more underlying reason than just the seek for more feedback. I know, it feels wrong to think that way -- but, consider the fact that 1.10 really is about Priests and that I don't think any CM has spent this much time with a class after a revision (you can call me out on this if I'm wrong).

I don't think he's doing this due to the claims of poor CM handling during 1.9, which was prominently said a couple of weeks ago. I thought Caydiem was doing her job nicely, but she really wrote her own death sentence when she decided to praised the absolutely most wrong person she could possibly praise (who is banned now by the way, as it seems).

But why? I don't know. To calm us down?


Blogger L'Emmerdeur said...

1. I'll assume that Caydiem was removed from this role, most likely for her actions related to the Lvl 1 troll she defended - and if that troll was in fact Caydiem, I'm sure her managers would never have approved such behavior, and were probably not happy she did this, as it exposes the company to bad PR. At the end of the day, she was stuck in a bad position, and handled it poorly.

2. There is only one motivation for increased attention to the paladin class - a lot of people must be cancelling their accounts, and stating that the mismanaging of the class and the class forum were the cause for their cancellation.

What I love is that others come a-trolling to the paladin forums all the time with no blue responses, but one paladin trolls a priest thread, and he immediately gets crushed by a blue. And Eyeonix seems to spend his time chastising paladins trolling int heir own forum, rather than non-paladins trolling the paladin forum.

What a joke.

4:07 PM  
Anonymous Guilty said...

In mind it's fairly clear. They have a pissed off Paladin population and that's bad. They expected it to eventually settle down and it never did. The past two CMs that have haunted the Paladin forums are gone and now Eyonix is trying to settle down the population. It's not good for business to have ~6% of your community just furious. And it disturbs other classes too i.e. our trolling the priest forums.

I've sent a number of emails to the customer service email explaining my position that the current situation is unhealthy. When Caydiem praised the troll and when Eyonix slandered the Paladins in the priest forums.

It's pretty obvious to me part of the problem lies that the CMs as a group hold Paladins in contempt. You can see it by how they post about our poor attitude and non-constructive posts and our trolling. However, I find the same kind of thing in other forums, but for some reason it's seen in a different light. I suppose part of the problem is that we've been shat on so long we're pretty negative in our forums. The divide between the different styles of play doesn't help us either as we tend to bark at each other a fair bit.

Let's hope this mess is straightened out soon and we can start feeling better about ourselves.

Machin Shin - Zul'Jin

5:13 PM  
Anonymous Thoma said...

Alas they seem to be married to the concepts and are hoping mere tweaks will fix the problems. Unfortunatly they keep trotting out the lame arguement of "every class changes thier roles in the endgame". What classes change thier roles? Warlocks? Nope they still DPS and drop Dots. Mages? Nope they still make water and DPS. Rogues? Nope they still DPS. Warriors? Nope they still tank and DPS. Priests? Nope they still heal and most raids still have room for a shadow priest or two. Druids? Nope, they heal and go feral. God knows our hunters/rogues love leader of the pack. Hunters? Nope they still DPS and pull.

What is the only other class that changes it's role in the end game? Shamans. They don't dps, they don't melee, they just heal and cleanse. It sounds more like the devs are going easy mode by making the faction spefic classes go into the same mode to make the design of raids easier.

And given the amount of raid content already in the game, changing Paladins/Shamans is going to invaildate alot of raid design. I'm willing to give two to one odds that the Shaman changes will be equally lackluster, or will simply make them into more paladin like characters. The way that the CM's handle it will be better but they won't get the priest/hunter/lock treatment.

6:06 PM  
Blogger L'Emmerdeur said...

Eyonix would do well to read this if he wants to understand why paladins are fundamentally disgruntled (as opposed to complaining about specific bugs or nerfs)

6:50 PM  

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