24 February, 2006

Eyonix vs Paladin no more?

Hotchild from Silvermoon sent me an email about this (thanks!), turns out Eyonix has written something for us:
I'm posting here today in an attempt to initiate an improved relationship with those playing the Paladin class. The class specific forums have always been the number one source of information for me when attempting to gather player feedback. Moving forward however, I'd like for these boards to become the number one source of information for you when attempting to gather news and information.

It should be a relationship of mutual benefit.

I'm not going to dance around any issue. In patch 1.9 you had an extensive review which resulted in many changes to the makeup of your class. Many of you aren't happy with some of the changes, and some of you aren't happy with many of the changes.

Overall, we are happy with the majority of changes introduced for the paladin in patch 1.9. It definitely brought the class much closer to what our original design goals were when creating the Paladin. With that being said, we're still not completely satisfied with class and intend to review specific elements of the class over the next few patches.

Next patch for instance, we've made a few tweaks. Holy Shock will work with Divine Favor and Illumination. We're also reducing its mana cost. Holy Shield's mana cost will be reduced by approximately 15% and the effect will have a small bonus coefficient from spell damage items and effects. Seal of Command will be able to proc when the Paladin is silenced.

We're also increasing the damage per swing and the contribution from +spell dmg gear on Seal of Righteousness when using a 2-handed weapon in order to make it more competitive with Seal of Command with a 2-handed weapon.

Lastly, we're also increasing the range of Lay on Hands, Divine Intervention and all Greater Blessings.

These changes are all fairly minor and don't address your major concerns, I'm aware. I'm sharing them with you because this is how I'd like things to work from here on out. I gather feedback from this forum and provide you with information, both big and small as soon as it's available.

Some of the other items which we're going to focus on over the next few patches relate specifically to the Paladin's ability to tank in groups, and the overall interactivity of the Paladin in raids.
The increased range of the spells are definitely needed. I actually came in the situation where I was literally 0.5 seconds off from casting Lay on Hands, but couldn't come in range quickly enough to save the MT (and he died and wiped the party in ZG). Nice small changes that definitely are appreciated.

Yeah, and SoR needed that buff. It's simply to darn bad compared to SoC right now, especially in +spell damage bonus.

The changes to Holy Shield were expected. It was overly nerfed and the Protection tree, frankly, stinks at its current inception. Hopefully there'll be more than just that as a change in 1.10. Protection needs more utility, especially at the last tiers, to make up for it's lackluster power compared to the other two. When Repentance was moved, Protection took a severe hit in attractiveness.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"With that being said, we're still not completely satisfied with class and intend to review specific elements of the class over the next few patches. "

In other words, they spent too much time partying at Blizzcon to give paladins a real review.

4:00 AM  
Anonymous Vaelin said...

ZOMG Holy Shock will now pwn. Nice changes.

7:33 AM  
Anonymous kyosei said...

Nice changes. Something that should of originally been in the pally revamp imo. Some of them look like player suggestions made awhile ago heh.

8:25 AM  
Anonymous Leord said...

I soo wish I could post on the US boards!

The thing that I feel best about is not the changes, but the fact that Eyonix understands that there is currently a very bad relation between "blues" and the paladin community. He reaches out a hand for mutual communication (or at least says he does). This lifts so much wheigh from my chest (at least the wheight that was concerning paladins ;)) that we are not "donte - L2P" like Caydiem's attitude has been..

10:29 AM  

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