21 February, 2006

Speaking of the new Alliance race...

My bets?


- It will be a twist of lore, as described by Chris Metzen:
"When we finally reveal [the alliance race], it's gonna blow your mind. At first, you are gonna say 'whaa?', but then 'wow...'. It's gonna be awesome."
Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisit... I mean -- nobody expects the Ogres!

- It will give an ugly race to Alliance, much like Blood Elves is a pretty race for Horde:
"We really wanted an attractive race on Horde," Associate Designer Jeff Kaplan straightforwardly admits.
Then why not follow the logic out and expect them to give a gruesome race for the Alliance?

- An April fools joke in 2004 detailed how playing an ogre would work, check it out. Seemed awfully thought-out for for just being an April fools. Except last year's -- >many of Blizzard's april fools've turned out to be true, for example Secret Cow Level and the Pandarens.

- During the release of Dire Maul they redesigned the Ogre models for "future use". These ogres have as it seems most, if not all, animations in game, quoting player Aftershock who raises a good point:
They already have an updated Ogre model in the game, that already has darn near every single player animation, including a mining animation, multiple dance animations, sit, kneel, the whole thing... and they wouldn't put that much work into it just so players could have fun when they put on their Gordok Ogre Suits, I think.
- There are plenty of Ogre clans, giving a wide variety of different clans to choose from to play around with lore. Just look at the ogres who are in the game today: you've got your Gordok's, your Gordunni's, your Stonemaul's, your Splinter Fist's, your Mosh'ogg's, your Dustbelcher's, your Mo'grosh's, your Crushridge's, your Boulderfist's, your Dunemaul's, your Dreadmaul's and Firegut's and of course those who are employed by the Venture Company.

So in other words, Metzen could always create a new one which simply hasn't been mentioned before. Nobody would care because it's an already established fact that there's a buttload of Ogre clans already.

- Ogres are a race that came from the Outlands. They have a goal to get to the Outlands much like the Blood Elves. Caydiem:
...with a world of possibilities in what has already been written, particularly surrounding the subject of the expansion, do you really think we'd introduce a race ... that has absolutely no relation to Outland whatsoever? ;)
- Ogres and Goblins hang out a lot (example through the Venture Company), and my speculation (*pure speculation*) is that they will likely start at the Goblin island of the Undermine. It'll give a balanced tilt of race starting locations since the Blood Elves start in the Eastern Kingdoms whereas Ogres start in the Undermine who in turn is connected to the Steamwheedle Port in Tanaris, Kalimdor (mild hint at it here in-game already).

- Game Masters used to be able to play as Ogres during the World of Warcraft beta. This image is *not* fake!

Arguments against are:

1. Ogres have Shamans!
Could always be ogre reformists who gave up Shamanistic roots. Could always have be assimilated to become void of their Shamanistic roots -- much like the Orcs were in Warcraft II!

2. Ogres exhibit limited cognitive abilities!
Puh-leaze: Ogre Mages. Don't tell me they're all still still brainless? Though I admit that it's farfetched since the reason for their increased intelligence was due to Gul'dan's dark magicks.


Oh, and Worgen? They're supposed to "start" at Gilneas, which completely contradicts what Chris Metzen said during BlizzCon which was:
How do we say we forgot about [Gilneas] without saying we forgot about it?
Makes no sense why they'd admit to completely forget about a zone which would be the starting location for the new Alliance race. Sure, he could be lying -- but, please. I don't think he'd be lying straightly in people's faces like that. Just google and read interviews with him, he's quite candid. For that matter, all interviews with Blizzard personnel are quite straight forward.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only ogres in the game so far that have a faction affiliation are the npc's and guards at the Horde town in Dustwallow Marsh. If they are in fact the new Alliance race, I'll be sorely disappointed.

6:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think about it. The last thing Blizzard wants is to further widen the faction imbalance that seems to be nearly universal across the servers. They're halfway there with blood elves and their overpowered racial abilities. Now they just need to release an incredibly ugly and overall unappealing new race for the Alliance - one that few will want to play.

7:01 AM  
Anonymous Elderin - 60 Paladin, Whisperwind said...

While it is possible, I'm still holding out for a Tauren tribe that breaks away from the Horde because of the Forsaken and the Blood Elves (and their unnatural magic) and come to the Alliance for protection.

2:54 PM  
Anonymous Ghmou, 60 Pally, Darkspear said...

I'd play an Ogre. Preferably and Ogre Priest. Blizz might even allow it, who knows? Something about a "peaceful" class like Priest tied into such a rough looking character race makes me laugh a little bit.

4:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Im a fan of what you do, u keep it simple clean, u mostly state the pro/cons about everything, i love you for that, and makes it easier to put into perspective. Good job

Painkillaz @ Doomhammer

12:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:16 AM  
Blogger Mastgrr said...

Anonymous, main problem those pics you link to is that it's more proof of bad journalism than the new race.

If I'm not mistaken that was actually published before the announcement at BlizzCon. I think a thread on the worldofwar.net forums came the conclusion was that it just wasn't trustworthy (sorry, too lazy to dig it up though).

8:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking at the wow model viewer, it's possible to view every animation attached to the Ogre model. All told there are 82 of them, roughly 100 fewer than the other playable races. On the other hand, this is about 50 more than most other creatures in the game. From a tech perspective, implementation of the ogre race would involve creating 100 more animations for the ogre males, 180 for the females, and creating models for the females and things like hairstyles and tatoos for both. One unique thing they could do for ogres is allow the player to create two-headed ogres, but that would possibly present some exciting techincal issues... From a lore standpoint the Ogres make a great deal of sense as the new race; when Khadgar and the Alliance heroes went to Draenor to close the dark portal, they encountered the Laughing Skull Clan, led by Mogor the Ogre, who agreed to help them, including a promise to give Khadgar the Book of Medivh. A Blizzard Dev, and also Caydiem, have mentioned that Khadgar and the rest will be NPCs in the expansion that we will encounter, so it stands to reason that their Ogre allies should also be part of the expansion, assuming they survived the destruction of Draenor as well as the five heroes. Ogres fit all the criteria for being the new Alliance race except one: they have no logical starting area on Azeroth. Possible fixes for this are to put them on Northrend, Southrend, or Outland, all of which have been denied by Blizzard explicitly - more realistically the Ogres would choose to abandon Outland and the Hellfire Peninsula and seek refuge in Azeroth, much like the friendly Draenei in Swamp of Sorrows. All of this information can be found on this website or at www.wowwiki.com/Laughing_Skull_Clan

-Bighal, 60 Hunter, Honor Clan Hellscream

11:04 AM  

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