07 February, 2006

1.9.3 is out

Here's the Paladin changes:
- Eye for an Eye - This talent will now still do damage when the paladin is stunned. In addition, if the critical hit kills the paladin, damage will still be dealt to the spellcaster.
- Greater Blessing of Sanctuary - Paladins with Righteous Fury will now generate extra threat correctly when this Blessing procs.
I expect, however, 1.10 to carry some changes to the Paladin talents -- especially the Protection tree. That however is pure speculation from my part.


Anonymous Suicidal Zebra said...

Great changes tbh, especially in PvP with EfaE. No way for those huge-crits from Warlocks and Mages to go unpunished ;).

Note also for interest the changes to the Jin'do encounter allowing Paladins to Holy Wrath at oppurtune times.

So, all in all, a nice mini-patch. Roll on 1.10.

9:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy Wrath won't work (Shades are immune to AOE) but Exorism will. A nice two hander and that might actully let me kill one of the shades.

10:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone wanna set the over/under on the Horde whining about the "Alliance Advantage" in this fight on the forums?

10:53 PM  
Anonymous Suicidal Zebra said...

To Anony#1:

You're probably right, but I heard talk on the forums that Holy Wrath works a bit differently than a normal AoE. Because it actively only affects Undead it acts almost like a 'Targetted AoE' implying that possibly, just maybe, the Shades may be affected.

Definitely worth a try IMV if only to see the effect.

12:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll take a look at it tonight. We're supposed to run ZG and I'll see if I can convince them to swing by Jin'do.

1:09 AM  

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