29 November, 2005

More Caydiem!

Post #1 where she says among other:
The developers were less forthcoming regarding the changes coming for Paladins than they have for other classes. This caused any preview talk to be delayed, and also delayed the web team in creating the preview talent calculator.
The question is... Why is that?
Also, I believe, though I'm not positive, that the Web Team has a slightly more updated version than the one currently on the Test Realm.

Here's post #2 explaining her position as well. Among the things she says is:
...No, the changes are not final. Yes, you might be able to get some things modified. No, you shouldn't expect another overhaul from the changes on the Test Realm right now. That's the simple reality of the situation...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

More bullshit.

Well I've posted in the constructive feedback post, responding to the lack of them paying attention to any of the feedback in the first place.

They give us a non-existant talent review, don't give us a talent calculator (which would take 30 minutes to do at most, caydiems excuse is horseshit the fucking community and fan websites have hade the calculator up since 1.9 hit), put up shit changes and basically tell us, yeah we might tweak something things but don't expect anything major...fuck blizzard.

3:14 AM  

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