30 November, 2005

Finally, what we've been waiting for.

Wow, finally some info that I've been longing to hear: the developer's reasoning behind the changes. This is desperately needed to calm the community down. Caydiem:
Thank you for your constructive feedback, Coagine. It's appreciated. You should see a few tweaks soon, and I'll communicate your and others' feedback to the developers this week. I hope to come back with, at the least, the reasoning as to why these changes have been implemented so you can better comprehend the direction they're taking.
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Anonymous Elderin - 60 Paladin - Whisperwind said...

At first, I wasn't going to post because the developers didn't listen to us the first time, so why would they listen to us now? Nonetheless, much like voting, if you don't say anything, you can't complain later. So, here are my criticisms.

1. The Paladin class is now more of a caster class than a melee class. All the damage "enhancements" are related to casting rather than meleeing. As a person who wanted a melee hybrid, as the class is described, this is very disappointing.

2. The Paladin class still doesn't have any sort of taunt. The other classes who can tank have a taunt of some store. The Paladin class still doesn't. The taunt is critical to tanking because every tank loses aggro once in a while. The Paladin class doesn't have a way to get it back.

3. The Paladin class has only one way to maintain aggro. As a tanking class, the Paladin class needs at least two methods with one related to melee abilities rather than holy spells.

4. The Paladin's combat enchancements are all purgable. Either make them unpurgeable or add abilities which are instant attacks.

5. Blessing of Kings does not belong at the top of the Retribution Tree. It has nothing to do with enhancing attack power which the Retribution class is supposed to be according to the developers at BlizzCon (I was there and heard them say this).

6. Eye for Eye is a ridiculous talent. I have to get critted to return 30% damage? That's a recipe for disaster. A better talent would be soemthing like the Warrior skill Retaliation. That woudl fit perfectly into the Retribution tree.

7. The Seal of Command mechanics are very awkward. To do additional damage, you have to stun the mob then cast Judgement of Command. Then wait a minute to cast it again. I know you could cast Judgement of Command again in the interim, but the mana cost isn't worth the damage. Heck, the mana cost for casting Hammer of Justice then Judgement of Command is almost not worth it.

8. Holy Strike is a worthless talent that doesn't belong on the top of the Holy Tree. First, it's mana cost and cool down make it worthless. Second, it doesn't help the Holy Tree become a healing tree. It should be in either the Protection Tree or Retribution Tree as a 2nd or 3rd tier talent (either as an aggro tool or damage tool).

Overall, while a slight improvement, patch 1.9 is very disappointing. It doesn't really address the Paladins communities concerns except one (longer blessings) and actually nerfs the Holy Tree and Retribution Tree.

3:56 PM  
Anonymous Elderin said...

I couldn't post on the test realms (go figure) so here is what I was going to post.

3:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

typo in 8., sure you meant holy shock instead of holy strike.

only thing i dont aggree with it 8. i think holy shock is a nice instant heal every 30 seconds and can be nicely increased by + healing.

what i did not understand in that whole patch, was the +spelldmg changes to the set. Come on guys, spelldmg is ridiculous for palas. you could easily outdmg that, if you put 20 str on the set und leave a bigger +healing bonus

my 2 cents,

4:07 PM  
Anonymous Toufas - 60 - stormscale EU said...

doesnt the spell damage need casting time in order to be activated?

6:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They didn't fix the talent trees, they made them worse. Now there really will be only 1 build.

The focus on spellpower is idiotic, it fucks paladin itemization. I could go on forever about how broken things are (and some things are worse post 1.9) but it's not worth my time anymore.

7:16 PM  
Anonymous Jade said...

I'll be glad to hear the designers ideas on why they did what they did so the paladin community as a whole can tell them WHY what they did was wrong and we can help them come up with GOOD ways to do exactly what they were trying to do.

I have a 60 paladin on Burning Legion and no other 60's, my closest other class is 36 Priest and I don't have the time to play like I did when I got my paladin to 60 so I'm perfectly happy canceling my account if they can't fix the one class I enjoy punishing myself by playing.

The characters remain and you can activate your account again later if they somehow manage to make the class into what it's supposed to be at a later point.

9:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't stand the audacity of that fat, glorified customer service rep "Caydiem". It sucks being talked down to by a person whom's life experience and knowledge amounts to a "career" of moderating a video game discussion forum. It like the drive-thru teller at Taco Bell being condenscending to you.

7:27 PM  
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