24 November, 2005

Lunch update

Where are the CM's? Only sign I've seen of them is this.

Isn't it odd that the talent calculator still isn't up? I find it kind of sad that it had to be up to us, the players, to actually figure out and tinker up a talent calculator (a bunch of mirrors are available). This isn't how it's supposed to be done at all!

I've been fooling around with the calculators as well, and, well, while it takes a couple of times before you get the hang of it -- I can notice the increased synergy and "fun builds" you can make. While I can't come up with really cool builds like the crit-based speed-healer Druid I made a couple of weeks ago, it's still possible to come up with some fun variations. I guess it'll take some time until we really start to see the new possible builds.

It also seems to me that it is arguably agreed upon now that the new "cookie cutter" build is 31 Holy (Sanctity Aura, Holy Shock) and at least 11 in Retribution (for SoC).


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