22 November, 2005

Alright, so today wasn't the day

Okay, so today wasn't the day we got 1.9 on the PTR. As alerted by an anonymous poster, Taxxi found that the korean website now has a PTR link on their main page. We're not far off!

I've noticed -- the GM's must've gotten the patch notes because they're giving a bunch of information now: Mages get improved conjure. Eyonix also gives the new upgraded bonuses for the tier 1 and 2 sets. Here's the Judgement and Lawbringer bonuses:

5 Piece: The blessings bonus has been replaced with +1% melee and spell critical hit chance.


5 Piece: The reduction in mana cost of seals has been replaced with +damage to spells and healing.
General thoughts:

#1 With these bonus changes, will it also bring stat changes? Hopefully it will be str and agi to finally make these two non-Healadin.

Edit: Oops, I forgot to include the quote at the bottom, which says:
In addition, many of the pieces from the Tier 2 Armor sets have received updated statistics. The armor sets with the most extensive changes include the Netherwind, Nemesis, and Judgement sets. Other sets received fewer revisions, or none at all.
So, yes: new statistics!

#2 The developers are now not worried about giving us gear with +spell crit anymore, as demonstrated with one of the rewards for our latest class quest. This has been the reason why Eye of the Beast is locked out for us. This might be an interesting clue at what will happen to our class in 1.9.

#3 The changes to the bonuses of our sets are there for a reason: Lawbringer bonus is changed due to the 15 minute raid version of our blessings. But get the reduction cost of Seals have been removed off of Judgement... Why? Might it be because Seals have been replaced with Strikes? Who knows? Interesting clue nevertheless.


Anonymous Nonnobis said...

In response to this question in General forums "Eoynix, Paladin Raid Blessings?": "'We're also adding raid versions for five of the Paladin's blessings. These new raid version blessings will last for fifteen minutes, and allow the Paladin the means to buff every player of a given class in the raid by selecting only one. These blessings will be available at your class trainer and the only prerequisite is the final rank (talent point where applicable) of the Blessing.'

Many people are saying these 15 min. blessings will be useable in solo play and 5-man group play.

I'm under the impression they will only be castable on a raid member.

Can you please clarify?

Thank you!"

Eyonix replied: "You will be able to use the fifteen minute raid blessings outside of a raid, Trevion. However, due to the mana cost and vendor-bought reagent used with each cast, it's not as mana efficient or cost effective to do so. As a Priest, I use my Prayer of Fortitude 2 in five and ten man groups all the time. I expend more mana and eat up a candle or two, but it's my preference.

You will soon have a similar option."


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Blogger Mastgrr said...

Thanks Nonnobis :)

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