23 November, 2005

I knew it would come to this

I'm... In total shock. This is incredible.

You won't believe this.

I just specced for TOTAL dps. I went full "retnoob" all the way down to Blessing of Kings (though I use BoM). Got Spiritual Focus, Divine Strength as well as Guardian's Favor.

All these cries about how this and that wasn't good enough... well, is false.

I'm not disappointed anymore, I'm absolutely delighted.

See Vengance? It was changed to go activated every time you deal a critical strike with a weapon, swing or ability. In other words, when Seal of Command procs, Vengeance kicks in.

Edit: nope. I was wrong. Sorry. it's just regular crits.

My DPS is 140 with Vengeance on, and that's excluding the SoCom procs and excluding improved JutC on the target.

The extra damage you get from the JoCom when the target is stunned is an excellent way to finish off someone.

Wow. You guys got what you wanted: Controllable and higher DPS!

Edit 2: I totally overreacted, I spoke well too soon. The DPS increase is there, but, well; a holy specced Paladin does just as much damage. So in other words I'm disappointed.


Anonymous nemof said...

what about healing? I've always been more interested in adding group utility and healing as a paly so I would be interested in how that's panning out.
Oh and PS I'm excited now!!! :)

just wish the euro-test would come out sometime soon ;P

9:36 PM  
Anonymous Vaelin of Gilneas said...

Join my All-Paldin guild on the PvE test server. In Nomine Lux ("In the Name of the Light)

10:02 PM  
Blogger Lord Vir said...

So vengence has a change to activate a few more times...our overall burst damage has been nerfed since you can't use reckoning bombs anymore and SoC only crits for 70% of what it once did. It might be more DPS, but it's less burst damage for a lot more mana. We got nerfed. People will realize that soon.

10:22 PM  
Anonymous Suicidal Zebra said...

Though immediately disappointed, I think I want to see some proper numbers for things like new SoC/SoJ Proc Rates, Judgement damage and reduced mana costs for Holy Shock and the like. Also tabs should still be kept on Global Cooldown affect on DF, Cleanse and Judgement mechanics.

This still remains a make or break patch for Paladins, and frankly I am worried that the change to Seal/Judge mechanics will only further relegate the class to a buff-cleanse bot role.

However I wait until I can experience the new Paladin for myself. Holy spec looks most likely as things stand.

10:48 PM  
Blogger Lord Vir said...

I've played around with each spec already. Holy seems the best for damage (don't laugh). With the spell crit increase working for both judgement of command and holy shock, it's a nice talent. The fact that you can spec all the way up holy now and get conviction is nice.

It's hard for me to put a number on the DPS increase, because I used to measure my dps in BG's not in PvE. If I had to guess I'd say it's about 15-20DPS more than I was doing before. The mana cost is crazy, running around in pvp gear, I only have 3000 mana and I often find myself low on mana now. I never used to at all. I'm glad I have some mana gear that gives me 5000 mana. Of course the tradeoff is a low crit rate then. Yuck.

12:06 AM  

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