23 November, 2005

Talents now released

Okay, so the only way to discover the talents was to level up a Paladin to 10 and hand-write them in to a post. Thankfully, this has already been done.

I met up with a player called Sdvgfs, who first began to ask me what the cost of my Judgement-spell was at level 10. Having collected data before that, he calculated that the cost of the improved Judgement is 130 mana at level 60. In other words, a reduction of 33 mana (the cost is based on a flat percentage of the base mana).

We had a further discussion and came to the conclusion that the current version of Judgement of the Crusader is bugged: the timer does not reset when the target is striked, in other words it only lasts for ten seconds. This is most likely a bug since it renders it pretty useless (hey, it's called the test server for a reason!).

My opinion on the talents? Interesting, but I've yet to actually try them. Here are some highlights that I find very interesting:

- Blessing of Kings is still the last talent for Retribution, same thing with Repentance and Holy Shock for their respective trees.
A bit interesting, though not that much to complain about.

- Divine Intellect (Increases your Intellect by 2% (2/4/6/8/10) and Divine Strength.
Friggin awesome tier 1 talents. Easy to stack with Blessing of Kings!

- Healing Light
Increases healing done with Holy Light and Flash of Light (Flash of Light was untouched in this patch btw).

- Holy Shock
Still 30 second cast time, though now doubles as an instant healing spell.

- Tier 1 in Protection wasn't touched
Weird cause it wasn't definitely the best. Improved Devotion Aura is as useless as ever.

- Blessing of Sanctuary gives back Holy Damage when blocking.

- Improved Blessing of Freedom and Blessing of Protection have been slammed in to one.
Heck, it even got a buff since you get one extra second of BoF now for just two points.

- Anticipation moved to Protection!
Weird move since Reckoning and Redoubt relies on being critted.

- Improved Hammer of Justice
omg woot! Can reduce cooldown with 15 sec! Think of the PVP set bonus: 25 sec! oMG!!1

- Improved Judgement
Interesting talent! Can decrease cooldown of it from 10 seconds to 8 seconds.

- Vindication (3/3) Gives the Paladin's damaging melee attacks a chance to reduce the target's Strength and Agility by 5% for 10 seconds (up to 15% probably)
Very cool! Incentive for staying in melee range!

- Pursuit of Justice (2/2) Increases movement and mounted movement by 4% (up to 8%). This does not stack with other movement speed increasing effects.
Haha, omg... So cool!

- Eye for an Eye (2/2) All spell criticals against you cause 15% of the damage taken to the caster as well. The damage caused bye Eye for an Eye will not exceed 50% of the Paladin's total health.
Friggin awesome!

- Consecration is unchanged
Wow. Not expected.

That's my first look. I can't wait for transfers to begin so I can start to try out the changes and see what they go for.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it looks like you might not have to change the name of the blog after all

7:27 PM  
Anonymous nemof said...

to be honest, if at it's highest level vindication reduces 15% of a rogues agility that's perhaps overpowered, i'll have to test it to decide. We are already rogue killing machines as it is. Also is vindication in the prot tree or ret? I assume it's in ret because it would make no sense to have a talent that reduces a classes chance to crit in the same tree as a talent (reckoning) that depends on other classes critting you.

Not impressed with holy shock, I was hoping they would chuck it altogether. Still waiting for the base amount in FoL to be increased! Interested to see how much healing light adds to FoL heals. Also very excited about Divine Intellect/strength.

PS where is improved Divine intervention/self rezz!!! DI as it stands is next to useless except to chain rezz so people can eat/drink out of combat in raids (dunno if that's considered cheating).

7:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I stated before (I'm the "shaman will still gag you" guy), the changes will be very minimal and insure that the paladin class remains by far the weakest in PvP.

Guys, the population is imbalanced in terrible favor for the Alliance. Blizzard to make Alliance players switch sides or simply quit. Paladins will suck until this happens, period.

On the lighter side of things, I got my shaman to level 27, and he's basically an honor farming machine. Shamans will definately get more buffs, because Blizzard can point to the paladin "revamp" and claim that shamas need buffs to remain the same level as paladins.

You should have ditched this worthless class a long time ago.

8:06 PM  
Blogger Lord Vir said...

Pretty boring stuff. Some nice new passive abilities, and conviction with reckoning will be ftw. Spiritual focus being moved up is 'teh suck'. Now that seal of justice isn't on a diminishing effect timer, and the talent for iSoJ would have been useful they ditched it :/

8:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One word: Bullshit

8:47 PM  
Anonymous Jade said...

First there is a script you can run to see the talent tree before level 10 it's
/script TalentFrame_LoadUI();TalentFrame_Toggle()

Second, paladin Seal of Rightousness now scales up with level damagewise, as does Holy Light with healing, haven't gotten my 60 pally over to test it out on FoL yet but so far it's looking pretty sweet.

8:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Judgment mana cost reduction is crap. Mine went from 166 to 135. So much for improving interactivity.

Top rank Judgment of Righteousness only does about 180 damage.

As for moving Paladins to the front lines, they've done this more out of necessity than as a benefit. Judgments now only last 10 seconds unless you stay there and keep hitting your target. The benefit - no need to recast judgments when farming during a long fight. The drawback - need to stay up on a mob to keep Light/Wisdom up for the rest of the raid.

9:09 PM  

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