06 November, 2005

Blood Elf dance revealed

I'm not sure everyone's seen this, but here's their dance. Guess where that dance comes from? Watch it here.

You know what they call a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in Paris?


Anonymous Silvamond said...

Haha, that's great.

*Avid Reader..*

7:31 AM  
Anonymous nemof said...

so few horde are loving have a cute race, i'll bet they'll flip when they see the dance ;)

6:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was a post about 'possible paladin patch notes' on the forums that quickly pulled down. I'm not sure if blue deleted it, or if the guy just pulled it down...Here it goes:

Possible patch notes.

I have a friend who is a GM for Blizzard and he said the devs often discuss upcoming changes with other people in the building (Everyone who works there is supposed to be under NDA). Anyway after a few weeks of me hounding him hes finally given me some info

Healing -
Flash of Light will now heal for ~700 base, and Holy Light will heal for ~1650 base.
Mana costs have been slightly increased and Blessing of Light has been removed.
He also said they are going to add 2 more levels of improved Holy Light and make it so that Flash of Light can be reduced to a 1s cast.

We will still have most of our seals, but they are converting a couple into attacks (SoC). He says we will now have 3-4 combat moves in addition to our Seals. The skill that replaces SoC will be much deeper in the tree than it is currently. They are working on a talent for retribution that significantly increases your DPS for a time period but uses your divine shield cooldown.

Supposedly its going to work soemwhat like mixing grenades with sapper charges, the cooldown on the ability will extend your divine shield cooldown to 1 minute, however if you use divine shield it will be 5 minutes before you can use the ability again.

Also he said dispell, counterspell, lack of a real snare, and lack of a spell interupt are all being addressed, but they aren't 100% sure on how they will handle it

I didn't grill him much about Protection changes but he said the primary changes coming were attempting to make heavily protection specced paladins a better choice for a tank than an arms/fury warrior. He also said reckoning was being looked into for balance issues, they feel with our increased power, abilities like reckoning would be game breaking.

He said they are shooting for paladin talent previews the week of thanksgiving, and test servers up the week after, hope to have the patch live before christmas.


5:43 PM  
Blogger Mastgrr said...

Thanks, but I've kinda wary posting rumors. The changes sound very, very plausible (and super cool) -- but alas, I've been caught posting rumors that were totally false before and it sucks when you realize how fooled you were :)

6:57 PM  
Anonymous nemof said...

hah i could just imagine the cries of a million 1-shotted rogues across all the realms if we got a significant DPS upgrade but they left reckoning as it was ;) I like that thought, even though my alts a rogue ^^

7:38 PM  

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