04 November, 2005

1.9 info next week?

I have a gut feeling that we'll start to see new information on what's in 1.9 next week, hopefully this include information about Paladins.

1.8 came out 10/11, soon a month ago. Reports from BlizzCon say that the schedule for 1.9 is mid-november.


Blogger Lord Vir said...

My bet is it goes to test on 11/22, we get info (detailed on 11/15. Just a hunch.

4:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aye, sounds about right. With one cavaet: Paladins have been pushed back to 1.10. Whatever happens it seems that a mid-November 1.09 is highly unlikely given the significant info-blackout at Blizz at present. So my best bet would have to go for an early december 1.09, with 1.10 quite some time after that due to the holidays.

4:28 AM  

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