20 October, 2005

Private Meles

Wow... I break my rules all the time.

Was browsing around on Wikipedia (which I do often, and I *love* it) and thought that I don't think I've ever shared this gem with you guys. This is from Wikipedia's article on the World of Warcraft expansion set on what's speculated to be included in it:
In April 1st, 2005 Blizzard poked fun at their upcoming Battlegrounds feature. They featured screenshots of an Orc and Human who challenged each other to the battlegrounds. Originally one of the pictures showed that the human character was level 65. It was quickly replaced with a clearly edited photo where the level was lowered down to 60. The original picture is available here. Some people say Blizzard edited it because they didn't want there to be a discussion on why the character level was above the normally attainable.
I helped to write a lot of the foundational content for that Wikipedia article, and the part above is actually written by me.

You might ask... "Is this a tip of what's to come in the expansion?"

Do I have to draw a diagram for you? Why do you think they had a level 65 character in the first place? It's not bloody likely they just "happened" to have a character who's level was above the normally attainable.

The most interesting part is that most people don't really knows this. I find the whole ordeal quite amusing, actually. Kinda these small bits of trivia that will be fun to reflect back on when we finally get our hands on the expansion.


Anonymous bmmp said...

I guess maybe some of us could are tired of talking about the expantion, but I love finding out more about it. Tis a very exciting time.

I for one would love to see an updated and abridged version of Mastgrr's Predictions for the Expansion a few days before Blizzcon.

So what have we learned lately? Level 70, 2 Races, real time weather, another continent?

10:26 AM  
Blogger Mastgrr said...

Sure, I'll rewrite my predictions. It'll have to be on Thursday at earliest though due to my test.

5:51 PM  

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