17 October, 2005

Increased level cap in the expansion?

Will Molten Core be easier?

Got it from this thread off of the Worldofwar.net boards.

Edit: I was wondering why the hell the link they gave wasn't making any sense. It didn't have a pic or anything of what they were describing. But it got explained to me when Rushster later says in the WWN forum thread:
Gyus, I mailed Blizzard EU PR for a comment on this and all of asudden the mag cover was changed. This was probably a huge error by the magazine and it should never have been put live. Whoops! Well we all know now
I.e. this information is pretty much confirmed now. Woot! Raised level cap.

More interesting info by user Suicidal Zebra:
The lack of Hero classes though... now that is interesting.
Looks like hero classes are still slated for vanilla. (Edit 4: okay, that was just his assumption. The new info did not reveal whether Hero classes would be in the expansion or not, as you can see below)

Edit 2: A clever person on the official board found a Google cache of the missing onfo (though not of the pic where it said "the 70th level").

Edit 3: Found a link to the pic! (bottom left corner). Courtesy of Mendios, from my server's forum.

However... This made me think:

Is it wrong by me to link to this, considering the fact that they've retracted it? I mean, they probably don't want people to talk about it. The magazine slipped up big and wanted to undo the damage. They have all right to try to patch up a mistake they made because they don't want to anger Blizzard.

But they forgot that this is the internet... Information travels at lightning speed. Even if I wouldn't have linked to this picture, the raised level cap in the expansion is already an established fact, is already now discussed and is common knowledge by WoW-fans all over the world. So, in essence, does it really matter if I do? My opinion is: no. I'm a curious man myself. One of the few ways and most common practice used by todays scientists is to gain knowledge through the practice of observation -- empiricism if you will.

This is why I am linking to it. It's common knowledge and you guys have the right to see the source material. If there are any objections to this, please send me an email or give a comment below.


Blogger L'Emmerdeur said...

You are the Root of All Evil and must be Banished from this World.

Oh, wait, cancel that. I forgot: we're not on an RP server.

10:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

umm ... no that magazine does not translate to that ... it says "we take a look at the most promising multiplaying game expansion"

who told you it translated to the 70th level? Someone is having fun!

1:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

not it does say 70th level, but it is still fake ... There is a spelling error and the word for seventieth should appear last after level ... It is the same in French, numbers appear last..

Nice fake but.

1:25 AM  
Blogger Mastgrr said...

"stupisce tutti portandoci al settantesimo livello"
translates in to:
"it astonishes all carrying us to the seventieth level"

If it was fake, there would be no cover up.

9:17 AM  

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