16 October, 2005

A feature you probably didn't know about

The expansion will likely have new cool stuff... Voice communication (rumored), weather effects (basically confirmed), player housing (dumb not to!), etc. Much of this, if not all, was planned during the development of the original game, but at one point or another got pushed back or shelved as "expansion material".

But, there's one feature that was planned which never is talked about. It's been rarely mentioned... If ever -- during these expansion talks. It's despite that been widely reported and discussed by Blizzard themselves! They're not denying that they're working or planning on it at all. What is that feature? Surnames!

Don't believe me? Here's a sample:

According to Blizzard the ability to add a surname to your character has been undecided and they are not sure if you should be able to so it at character creation or perhaps at a later character level...
Official FAQ:
Last names are something we would like to implement in the future for our players, but at this time we do not know if, or when, that might occur and what the criteria would be for acquiring one.
More from the Support site:
...Last names for characters have not been implemented at this time, as the criteria for last names have not yet been determined.
Old WoW website:
We are planning on implementing last names, however, the criteria for obtaining one has not been determined.
Developer Q&A:
We’re still discussing the factors involved with implementing last names, but there’s no additional news at this time.
You get the general idea.

Will this feature be in the expansion pack? I don't know. There's been, as I said above, zero talks about it. But maybe it will. Hopefully in a cool way.


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