14 July, 2005

Interview with Test of Honor Paladin winner

Paladinsucks.com exclusive!

As you may know already, there was a huge outcry at the lack of Paladin winners on the test of Honor of Contest. Loke was the only Paladin who won among all players in both Europe and the US. Naturally many are interested to hear from him, and he was kind enough to take time to answer a couple of questions.

First of all, thanks for being kind enough to stand up for an interview. Second of all, congratulations to your victory. I think many Paladin players are happy and wish you the best. Now on to the questions.

Thanks. First of all i must remind you that i am Norwegian and English is not my first language.

When deciding which class to play, why did you pick the Paladin?

I played a mage during US and EU beta. But i felt the mages wasent really my style, i wanted more knightly look and the ability to heal( was tierd of drinking/eating all the time) so i picked a Paladin.

You said to me when I contacted you that Paladins aren't rewarded for the survivability. Is that what it all comes down to?

IMO in PVP Paladins and Druids are not rewarded for there strenghts, the ability to stay alive. The current honor system mostly reward dmg, and beacuse the Paladin class lacks dmg we need the most dmg weapons/crit gear we can find.

Did you do Warsong Gulch or Alterac Valley 24/7?

No, i was nr 1 alliance player on my server before BGs came out. It was SS-Tarrenmill, hunting in plaguelands, and trips to Orgrimmar.

Do you have full-out epic gear?

No, Blue complete PVP set. The set dont look that great on paper, but when you put it on you love the high life and crit bonus it gives. IMO alot bether for pala solo pvp gear than what MC can offer. Mana reg/+healing and resistances doesnt give much honor if you solo.

Apparently you were reluctant to talk about your spec, but can you give a hint how you've configured the talents?

For pvp palas need: Improded BOP, very handy vs melee classes. Improved BOF, a must vs mages/hunters. Reckoning, the only real dmg talent the pala have. Though you need to be critted for it to proc. Reptance, you need this to get your healing off, v good vs all classes. Most needed vs mages. Then some ret so you get seal of command, Improved BOM, and vengance. Do not choose the parry(deflection)+5% as it only helps vs meleers. You bether go improved holy light as it helps vs all classes. Spiritual focus is not needed in pvp, as you need to stun/sheild to get your healing off anyway.

Why do you think you were the only Paladin who won?

Pure luck, and i had alot of spare time to do pvp.

What tips do you have for other Paladin players?

Get the talents i suggested, and a SLOW big 2 hander. Reaper, Unstoppable Force or bether, and use Seal of Command, lvl 1 off course. Crit gear will help alot.

What do you think the class needs in terms of improvement?

We do need a ranged attack. And we need to be able to control our dmg, its not funny to hit a rouge with 100 life left for 2000 dmg. =P

Have you ever considered rerolling and play another character?

Yes, espeaslly now after BG came out.. Very hard for Paladins to make top 10 standing. Have played with the idea of making a fire mage, but i think i will stay lojal to the Paladin and do my best..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone know which realm Loke is on?

7:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What was not mentioned was that there was also only 1 druid among the honor contests winners. Paladins at least have the ability to heal AND do dps at the same time...
Spelling FTW, btw.

6:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do you need to mention spelling when he quite clearly stated hes not english. Jesus Christ. And complain about no druid highlights on a paladin blog? .... =/

3:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, you're a complete jackass for even mentioning his spelling. First off, like the above poster, he said he ISN'T ENGLISH! Secondly, at least he speaks more than one language; why don't you go do an interview in Norwegian you jackass.

4:53 PM  

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