11 July, 2005

Fangtooth replies

First of all, let me begin by saying that I really appreciate what Fangtooth is doing. It's made the Paladin fans less rabid. After Battlegrounds was released a huge flood of angry players came which was a result of a growing fury that's been building for months, steadily growing even faster after the release of the honor system. Truth be told I found it kind of amusing to see how the community managers were forced to spend so much more time than usual responding to angry Paladins, because the general forum was literally full with them. It's different now because things have calmed down.

Anyways, there are two new posts by Fangtooth at the official Paladin forums. The first one is regarding Jotancelot's excellent critique of the Paladin's class spells. Here's Fangtooth's response:
Jotancelot and Epoch,

Thank you for taking the time to put this post together. It is well written and covers much that has already been relayed to the developers. When it is the Paladin classes time again under the spotlight I will be sure to double check my list against this one and the other well thought out posts in this forum.

Another thread brings up the question if he's willing to play a Paladin up to level 60, so he responds:
Kitiara, I am working on a Paladin now, actually! I am going to be re-creating it though since I started it up on a PvE realm and I want to experience the PvP life.

I will be doing my best to live up to Uther's name!
You know what the ironic thing is about this is? The community managers keep insisting that what classes they play have no influence over what input is taken and how they do their jobs.

Take for example Caydiem which is well-known to have big presence in the Hunter and Druid forums, which coincidentally are the two classes she said she play the most as I've heard (tried to find a link to the forum post where she defends the situation, but I think it's been deleted due to being outdated). I'm not saying that they're lying, I'm just saying that they're doing a mistake by reinforcing this conspiracy. I mean, is it just an accident that Fangtooth is spending more time talking to Paladin players while at the same time he's also leveling up his Paladin character? I really, really appreciate what he's doing for us. I'm sure other class players will not when they figure this out, which will lead to even more talk about CM favoritism.


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