12 July, 2005

Sick of conspiracies

You've probably read many posts before of people that urgently need your attention for figuring out the reason behind Blizzard ignoring us. It usually involves spouting out some conspiracy such as the developers/Blizzard favor Horde, that the Community Managers are the ones behind it, that the developers hate Paladins, that the Paladin is the most popular class and that this is their way of making sure less people play it, that it's a money decision (with various reasons for how that would add up), and so forth.

I'm just sick of those posts. They make no sense. You have no shred of evidence to back up your claim. Just stop it, please. The truth is that the Paladin is okay as it is right now. Sure it's boring to play it because our talent trees differ very little, that we're dependent on a vast amount of skills that rely on randomness, that we're mainly balanced for PVE and that we're not rewarded for our survivability in PVP. We need of improvements, but that doesn't mean other classes don't need either.

Look at a snip of the leaked notes from patch 1.7 which is supposed to give a massive overhaul of the Druid's Feral tree. Can you honestly say you have ever seen a Feral Druid at level 60? The reason why for example the Warlock and Warrior are getting their updates in this patch might not be because they were the first ones to get their check by the developers, but because they might be the easiest ones to fix and test.

This doesn't mean that the designers are infallible...

Look for example at Warcraft III. I was lucky enough to beta test the game. The designers decided near the end of the beta to drop magic damage. All units who had that type were given the piercing type instead. I remember wondering why they did this, saying that it made no sense and that it could turn out to be a mistake. The result? People just massed casters, forcing Blizzard to reinstate the magic damage type in Warcraft III patch 1.06.

We are going to get our upgrades, maybe not this month, but we're going to get them. Hopefully they're going to be sweet.


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