11 July, 2005

Epoch's article about Paladin's RNG

As I said below, I find Epoch's writing here most excellent (it wasn't Jotancelot who wrote it as I previously mentioned, my mistake). It gives a new perspective beyond the typical complaint of that "we have no burst damage". He begins with a point by point summary of what the problem the class has, and that most of it -- if not all of it, comes down to the fact that the entire arsenal of skills the Paladin has beyond healing is mainly based on the Random Number Generator (=luck).

Here is his compiled list of spells that only are used in PVP:
Hammer of Justice
Devotion Aura (end-game the AC benefit is minimal)
Holy Shock (most mana-inefficient "nuke" in game, and takes 31 talent points to get. 6 of which nobody wants to spend)
Devine Strenth (we can either have int, str or agil, but not all three due to plate limitations)
Devine Wisdom (wonderful talent, horrid prereq)
Improved Blessing of Wisdom (about 1 talent point per mana per tick vs. Mage with 8000MP?)
Consecration (weaksauce, and laughable AoE)
Blessing of Might (fun, but again not used vs. light. 5DPS? ) [Note: I think by 5 dps means the the talent increase, if he's not being sarcastic that is]
Blessing of Light (well done! no "up to" shinanagins. I applaud whoever made this happen.)

If you add Seal of Command to the above list (our only decent single-target DPS spell), you'll note that's what ALL paladins use in PVP and most of PVE, no more, no less.


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