12 July, 2005

1.6 to be released today

The 1.6 patch will be released today, and according to the patch notes it will bring the following goodies for us:
* Blessing of Freedom - Will now counter the movement impairing effects of Frostbolt, Cone of Cold, Frost Shock. It will no longer prevent the damage taken by Frost Nova, Hamstring, Wing Clip, Mind Flay, Counterattack, or Blast Wave or the melee and ranged attack speed slowing effects of Cripple.
* Consecration - No longer resets weapon timer when cast.
* Improved Seal of Justice - Tooltip updated to be more clear.
* Seal of Command - Should now correctly report damage in the overhead display and the combat log.
* Summon Charger - New icon.
* Fixed a bug where the Paladin did not always die when using the Divine Intervention spell.
Blessing of Freedom will be improved drastically. The five extra seconds in Improved Blessing of Freedom is something I'm really, really considering. One of the Paladin's most powerful spells.

The fix to Divine Intervention is weird, not only because casting the combination of casting Divine Shield and then casting Divine Intervention had limited use, but because I'm having the opposite problem where the victim I am casting it on is dying despite the fact that I cast it on him. And that's what has to be fixed.


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