07 December, 2006

What Needs to be Done

First of all. Micah wants you to check this thread out, it deals with Pally concerns. Why no resiliance on our PVP set? Why still +20 JotC on PVP gloves? Why no Holy 1h Swords? Why doesn't Crusader Strike proc Judgements after the 10 sec 10% nerf? etc...

In other news - if anyone can post this on the Pally Beta forums I'd be thankful, cause I'd really like the developers to read this:

What needs to be done is to move Deflection to Tier 1 Retribution. This is so that Protection Paladins have better options for the first tier. Right now they're forced to have to spend ten points in to Retribution just to get a great tanking talent. The first one deals with Blessing of Might which tanks arguably don't use. The second one deals with lowering mana consumption which is good, but not necessary. Warriors have this as a Tier 1 option so I don't see as to why we can't either.

With Tier 2 losing out on a five-point talent the best idea would be to move Improved Retribution Aura up and place it next to Improved Seal of the Crusader. This is entirely possible due to the fact that we don't get Retribution Aura until level 16. Right now the talent is right next to Sanctity Aura and is definitely being overshadowed, especially considering the fact that Imp. Sanctity is so lucrative. If it's moved I'd recommend to bump the amount of points you can put in the talent to 3 points (I'd suggest 20/40/60) so it competes with Imp. Seal of the Crusader and not Imp. Judgement.

If this is accomplished then it's fully possible for a Prot Pallies to take Deflection, Imp. Judgement, Imp. Retribution and finally get up to Seal of Command without the feeling of having to "waste" points. And I don't see any harm at all as to why Imp. Retribution Aura should be easier to get for a Prot considering the fact that it's mainly them who use that aura anyway!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tried out Crusader Strike 10/0/41 to be exact. It is so extremely cool atm. with decent you can easily manage to dish out 4k-6k dmg within 3sec.
I know it will be nerfed, but until then, I'd really recommend you to enjoy it a bit.
Without any crits and even a stun resist I managed to defeat a rank 14 warrior in a duel without healing me and with 40% life left, several times.

12:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry, please delete this one, i clicked on the wrong news-comment

12:20 AM  
Blogger Ghmou / Micah said...

I love your ideas, Mastgrr.

I've felt the pinch when it comes to tanking and the need to spec something in ret.

I usually do 5/5 benediction, 2/2 Imp judge, 3/5 Deflection, and then 1/1 SoC.

It would be great if I could get 5/5 Deflection, 2/2 Imp Judgement and 3/3 Ret aura (according to your change) and THEN 1/1 SoC.

That would be... fantastic.

8:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a Priest with 4k hp on a pvp server, being 2 shotted by hunters and rogues was bad enough, now Paladins join the list of classes that enjoy flattening me on my way through BRM. Oh well, I guess I get to use the most annoying tactic to get out of being camped, the run 5 feet and die game :)

2:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would indeed be very beneficial for Protection specced paladins to have such a change implemented, I mean 5% Parry is HUGE and forcing us to waste 5 pts on useless pre-reqs is borderline torture. :)
I would love to have those points left to obtain other talents more inline with the purposes of a tanking character.
Cheers Mastgrr, keep up the good work ^_^

3:03 PM  
Anonymous Mchammar said...

As far as the no resilience thing goes, if you go to Goblin Workshop's beta items site and find the general's armor (for some reason they don't have the gladiator's stuff), you'll see that the Paladin items as they are beat out the pure class's stat values as a general rule. However, they are a bit lower than the other two hybrids (the Paladin chest is worth ~113, to the Shaman and Druids' 125ish). My guess is that the budget left over was too little to add a significant amount of resilience, which incidentally is valued the same as any of the base stats (except Stam, of course).

Bottom line: The designers don't think that Paladins need resilience as badly as other classes, which is actually true. If they were to give us resilience on the "Scaled" sets, they would have to take away something.

By the way, the Shaman melee sets have weaker strength and crit, and no int or spell damage to speak of. They give up 12 str, 6 crit, 12 int, and 9 spell damage on the chest to gain 22 resilience and 9 mana/5s. The mana is something that I, at least, don't care about, and the resilience translates into a bit less than a 1% lesser chance to be crit, and 2% less damage on that crit. So, that 1000 damage SS crit becomes maybe 983, and has a .9% lesser chance of happening.

High Warlord's Scaled Chestpiece
1058 Armor
+42 Stamina
+12 Intellect
+20 Critical Strike Rating
+24 Strength
Equip: Increases damage and healing done by magical spells and effects by up to 9.

Fun Fact: The Paladin set actually has the most attack power per piece of any melee class. Blizzard certainly had a vision for this armor, and I think giving resilience at the expense of the strength would have spoiled it.

To make you feel better, remember that a) this is the first generation of Arena sets that we've seen, future generations might have some resilience and b) the value of resilience has yet to be proven.

4:35 AM  

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