02 January, 2006

What's your New Years Resolution?

Welcome to 2006. Warning, below is a non-Warcraft post!

Mines that I'll try to loose some weight, yeah, that tired old resolution... It's going to get tough though considering that I am in the US, the worlds fattest country. The stereotype that the white man has sugar in everything is pretty much true. Sugared Popcorn -- what the heck is that?

Once when I was in China, me and a friend of mine decided to eat some lunch at a restaurant. Since they didn't know English and since my friend was Chinese, he got to do all the talking. I told him to order some meat for me and he did. When I finally got around to eating it I felt the taste was... a bit... weird. I asked him "Does your food taste any weird? Cause mine does". He said "No" and then it struck me -- my meat had been sugared. I asked my friend "What the hell is up with my food being sugared?" and he said "Yeah, they came and asked if you wanted your meat to be sugared and I said yes", which promted me to respond "Why the heck did you say that?" which he said something like "I dunno". After a bit of more eating I wondered "Why'd they sugar my food and not yours?" and he said "Cause you're white!".

There it is folks.

In other news, I'm almost at 50 000 hits now through the two-three months I've had the visitor counter up. Not bad!

Tomorrow 1.9 will be out. It's going to be a great patch, regardless of what you think of the Paladin changes. I've been trying to stack up on nature resist gear now. I need that trinket from the goblin in Maraudon... Dang! Why didn't I roll on it when I had the chance?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

suggered meat F that. Gimme the BBQ sauce. congrats on the hits, and have a happy new year!

7:06 PM  

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