30 December, 2005

Just an observation.

Mind you that when Caydiem says that the developer consider the changes complete, she always also adds "for 1.9". Why? 1.9 has to come out sometime. The development period can't last forever.

I seriously think that they've already planned for what changes will come in 1.10. The Protection tree is hopefully going to get *something* in 1.10 in a form of a change, because it's a rather mashed up tree.

One change I wish they could do would be to alter Seal of Light so that when it proccs, it affects the entire party. Proc rate and healing amount would be balanced accordingly, of course. It would be a simple change that would change things so much.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No way, with how poor this one went, I doubt we are getting anything new.

8:15 AM  

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