07 January, 2006

My raid experience.

This is with my fire resist gear (arguably not that much), unbuffed:

Fire resist: 50.
Crit rate: 11.81%
HP: 3556
Mana: 3767

My spec is 20/31.

Head: Avenguard Helm.
Neck: Drakefire Amulet.
Shoulder: Lightforge Spaulders.
Back: Sergeant's Cape.
Chest: Energized Chestplate.
Wrist: Emberplate Armguards of the Boar.
Hands: Fiery Plate Gauntlets.
Belt: Highlander's Lamellar Girdle.
Legs: Lightforge Legplates.
Boots: Crystal Lined Greaves.
Finger: Ring of Demonic Guile.
Finger: Blood of the Martyr.
Trinket: Sanctified Orb.
Trinket: Royal Seal of Eldre'thalas.
Weapon: Zulian Stone Axe.

Yep. Not a single epic. Why? I haven't raided much at all, mainly due to timezone differences. That's not an obstacle anymore, and I'm saving DKP now since I really want the Judgement Helm next time it drops from Onyxia. I really want a plate helm with +int, and I've given up on Lightforge Helm a long time ago (25+ runs, not ever seen it drop).

Anyways, my guild began with doing Onyxia tonight. Since I was dirt-poor I could only afford buying Greater Blessing of Kings, so that was my blessing. God dangit these greater blessings are awesome. Really, really, really great improvement. The largest, most boring task in the entire game has finally been fixed. I wasted about 191 Symbol of Kings (including giving away 48) during this night.

The first phase went smooth. Ran up to her, judged her with Judgement of the Crusader and whacked away with Judgement of Command, judging SoC every time I could. At phase 2 I support-healed and threw up Blessing of Protection and Salvation on the Mages/Warlocks who AoE:d the whelps. At phase 3 I really didn't know what to do... Go melee or backup heal? First I healed, then I realized many of the casters were out of mana (which they were also saying in the raid channel), so I hurried up to the back of her and judged Wisdom. It was a bit tough since the fears she did would occasionally force me to rejudge due to the 10 second timer runnning out, but nevertheless tried to keep it up on her as long as possible. At the end when Onyxia was at about 20/15% I retreated back to the side for some reason -- not sure why. Anyways, the only things I did then was to heal and throw Hammer of Wrath's.

We killed her pretty smoothly with not too many deaths. She dropped two Dragonstalker helmets. Many complaints about that.

This is really what I continued to do in Molten Core. We took down Lucifron, Magmadar, Gehennas and Garr. I just continued doing what I did with Onyxia on these guys as well. I tried to stay in melee range as much as possible for as long as I could.

It was really fun to switch auras, and for once it was worth it... Getting hit with fire? Switch to Fire Resist. Safe from fire damage? Turn on Sanctity to up the DPS. And as a bonus, since not many of the Paladins were up front I had the freedom to pick whatever judgement I wanted (so much for the use of the Lasting Judgement-talent!).

I begged to get the damage meter list, since I really wanted to see how much damage comparatively I did in the raid. After some asking -- or bitching rather, in guild chat I got the list. Click on the picture for a larger image. (Notice: I've really, really trying hard to make sure I don't mention names of anybody or anyone else on this blog unless I've asked them about it or that they've wished to be mentioned. I really try to respect the privacy of others. But I think not posting the damage list would be tough to do.)

When it comes to it if you look on the list, I technically came in to the bottom of all damage dealers. The 1% difference between me and Nushu (Holy or Discipline Priest I think) is the giveaway. Soulpatch who's above me happen to be the raid's maintank (he's almost completely decked out in epics).

Am I disappointed at my standing? Yes. Could I have performed better to improve my DPS? Sure. Do I think my stats were bad? Not really. Putting things in perspective I guess this is the place where they want the Paladin to belong: at the bottom of the DPS list. Really, when thinking about it, it's not too bad. I mean, I get to to do damage -- one percent more than main healers. I also get to do my fair share of healing on top of that, augmenting the raid in more ways than just standing there waiting to throw a heal.

Actually, I'd dare to say that the best Paladins are the ones who are in the front. Why? We're never going to be anything else than backup healers. It's best if we DPS when we can, but when needed we pull back and do our Healadin-routine. Just don't stand there and idle! Let's say all Paladins in the raid had my build; that'd be an additional 459,500 damage added to the pool. Not bad considering circumstances. Heck, I'd dare say that it'd be make more of an difference to the raid than having them as Healadins in the first place.

What really what makes the Druid class so appealing is the ability to switch roles, adapting to the situation. As a Druid, one second you're a Cat dishing out damage, then you *bam* switch to Bear to off-tank a mob, and so forth. I have to say that this experience sure existed now when I was playing tonight. It wasn't as strong as it is when I play my Druid, but it is there nevertheless. This is fun!

The biggest gripe, which definetly is a huge limiting factor, is that the damage I dish out with Judgement of Command is really bound upon the principle of stunning the enemy. In raid dungeons this simply is impossible because all of them are immune to stuns. This leaves my to rely on Sanctity Aura and Vengeance to be able to at least pump my Judgement of Command to a decent high amount. It's tedious since all you're doing really is just standing there auto-attacking, waiting for the Judgement cooldown to refresh.

It just feels like, what I got out of this, was that Paladins are really best for dungeons and small raid dungeons. We dish out our damage based on stunning, our tanking abilities are impossible for Molten Core but very possible in UBRS and the only thing is that stands out is that our main healing which I'd guess just descent all-around.

I'm dirt tired now, so sorry for grammatical errors. It's 4 AM. I'm happy of what I experienced this night so far and I'd like to see your input on this and what you've experienced -- if you're just like me or just the opposite. My guild's going to do the rest of Molten Core tomorrow which will allow me to write a follow-up on this later that night as well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

believe me, you dont have the equipment to deal dmg. i came out nr5 of a whole mc clear tonight, but had to play with sancity aura the whole time on. i did not do a single heal, but wanted only to see what is possible. the patch increased ret dps by roughly 15%. on melee bosses (fully epic dmg equipped), i can outdamange hunters in full epics and come close to the top mages and fury warriors and rogues.

i have 21% crit, 4.7k hp and 3.8k mana. i use a mix of different sets.

judgment spaulders, wristguards and shoes
flameguard gauntlets.
zul gurub chest
crown of destruction
untamed blade
onslaught girdle
onyxia tooth pendant
darkmoon card
2% crit trinket

my highest regualar crit tonight was 1740, and 1768 SoC crit. I did some testing on aggro by activating righteous fury and clicking salvation away. On mc trashmobs after a big holy crit, warriors were only able to gain aggro during taunts, despite i did not buff wisdom on the whole raid. When reading this blog, i always got the feeling that only palas in blue items discuss about dmg. Pala dmg was fine prepatch, and is fine postpatch. Despite that, i am still required to heal in bwl, cause were are not that strong, to let some of our palas do dmg there.

5:15 PM  
Blogger L'Emmerdeur said...

Sounds like you are happy with him. Good!

As you mentioned, though, you gave up on the Lightforge helmet. I never even saw Onyxia. I understand the Tier 1 purple stuff can only be gotten from the hardcore dungeons (Onyxia/MC/BWL/ZG), but the LF Helm is the Blue set. And, I've been to UBRS oh 35 or 40 times, and seen the LF chest piece drop ONCE, while all the cloth stuff for the squishies, and the drops for pretty much everyone else have dropped so many times, we got sick of D/Eing them.

Which is why I rolled a mage.

My mage is at 52. Two Maraudon runs and 2 ST runs, and I have 3 blue pieces I will keep until 60. My pally never got a thing from those 2 places, outside of the crappy Thrash Blade.

11:38 PM  
Anonymous Vlanun said...

sorry for being a pain in the ass... but damage meters in onyxia are NOT accurate.

go to mc.
try there.

be surprised.

my experience in healing for curisity:

im full Critical spell items with 4 LB and judgemtne crown.

Got Azuresong mageblade
gloves with critical spell
pants with critical spell
ring with critical spell
CLoak with critical spell

I used to be the firs healer right after the druids. close by.

My guilds druids and priests are very active, almost full propechy and cenarion, with benediction, etc..

patch 1.9 came out.


-new FoL more healing
-more healing from gear
-blesses 15 minutes, everyone has Bolight
-talent spell critical
-holy shock heal.


Today, we did a 3.18 hour FULL MC run, im the Guildmaster, raid leader, so i was focused on pulling, yelling, etc...

was NUMBER ONE healer on everyones meters. FAR away from the second (our full prophecy priest).

got so many criticals... with my FoL healing for 620 minimum...


im amazed, i knew i was going to heal more.. bu this... :)

next run om not using ONE FoL. gonna try damage, with SOC judges, shock damage, and hammer of GG.

with my critical chance i bet i can do good.

plate should have critical spell. all my critical spell is cloth...

but that would just overpower paladins.

I still need:

Onyxia ring
Tempest talisman
Strat shoulders
offhand from ZG.

i can go to as high as 28% critical spell... thats alot of healing and damage.

Stop whining about 1.9.. i love this blog, but im sick of whining... paladins IS overpowerd now, just do some variations :)

bye bye

Vlanun of Burning Blade EU.

PS: been reading this blog for 4 months. first post :) keep up the good work.

6:14 AM  
Blogger L'Emmerdeur said...

Vlanun, that is all fine and dandy for those in hardcore guilds, but anything less than the kickass gear you have, and we are useless.

7:02 AM  
Anonymous Suicidal Zebra said...

Unfortunately, damage and healing meters anywhere are not particularly accurate. And following that are open to other interpretive issues such as over-healing and other 'when is a heal a useful heal' issues.

That said, I think that certain raid changes for 1.9 are great. The new raid Greater Blessings are a huge boost not only to Paladins but to the raid overall simply because it gives Paladins more time to do something useful as much as anything else. Other issues I have are more niggly or and to do with tanking in the non-raid 1-59 game. Fundamentally though those that are raiding regularly and have very good gear will benefit a heck of a lot from this gear than they did previously, whereas those unguilded/non-raiding and perhaps concentrating on PvP will find many aspects of this patch difficult to deal with. The grind from 1-59 will certainly be significantly tougher than it was previously, even though slightly more easier to get groups due to the reduction in Paladin numbers (which is very pronounced on my server)

9:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

healing dmg meters are right. the newest versions are synchronized between all raid members. we usually check them against the results of other raid members. overhealing is not really an issue, because other addons only measure overhealing, so you can spot the "healing abusers". of course you must see, that valung and me (1st poster) were in a "quiet" competition, that means the other guys did not give their best. Anyway, if you are equipped right (lots of +healing for the healadin, lots +str/crit for the retnoob) and give your best, you always end up in the top 10 of the meter you choose. palas rock.

2:49 PM  
Anonymous Suicidal Zebra said...

I guess I was working on old info for the damage meters then :) Last time I checked, which was definitely a while ago, they could be quite poor in their accuracy depending on range.

Still, it definitely surprises me that Paladins can reach top-10 in damage if everyone else bar the main tank is going all out. Hopefully i'll get a chance to verify things for myself at some point :D

6:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damage/Healing meters in pve runs are trash, people overheal constantly to come out on top.

10:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel just like you. being in front is really fun, and the part of idling > its seen to much :(

3:27 AM  
Anonymous Soulpatch said...

You shall nevar beat my leet dps!!!!! :P

4:41 AM  

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