05 January, 2006

The Epic Story: When I got my epic mount and crit over 1000.

I actually finally got my Pally epic mount today. Yep... I know it might seem a bit late, but I was a huge slacker and couldn't decide whether to get it or just a regular epic mount instead. This, really, is the the top for my character. I don't have anything else to accomplish with her now. The two goals I set for her approximately one year ago is complete: Get her to 60 and get an epic mount. I am happy that I have achieved this now.

For a very long time I was weighing the Paladin Epic vs Regular Epic against each other: first it was 800 gold manaless mount vs grind-my-butt off for a Pristine Black Diamond plus do hard-ass quests for a mount that cost 500 mana to cast.

Then as Pristine Black Diamonds dropped in price by 280 gold, getting it suddenly became much more lucrative... But still, the mana cost was annoying and I didn't like that you had to five-man Scholo do to a really hard single-attempt event. I had even done it to help out guildies, which we wiped on... made me really turned off from doing it for quite a while.

I thought it would be a smart idea to PVP to get my mount, realizing well too late that it would take an insane amount of rep grindning and battlegrounding to get one. Especially when I got really bored and didn't PVP for days was when I just had to face it that I wouldn't be able to get it through that way due to many factors among rank decay.

Over a month ago I realized I had well over 300 gold, so I said to myself "Eh, what the heck." and payed the money to begin the quests. The reason for the delay of doing it until today was mostly due to Arcanite Bars: Instead of asking guild members or paying someone to transmute them for me I just took my Druid who didn't have a profession and leveled her up to 275 Alchemy in about two days (and it only cost 40 gold total I think). After transmuting everything, I finally got my barding blessed this weekend and scheduled up a run for today with two of my fellow guild members. A Priest and Mage were awesome to help us out with this as well.

I mean, seriously... We tore that place apart. It was really, really fun to try out how the new Paladin worked... As I've mentioned I specced for total Retnoob and up to Improved Hammer of Justice in Protection. Get this: I actually did so much damage that when we got to the death knight after the fourth wave he just wouldn't stop attacking me! I eventually got killed right at the end due to being both oom, using my Lay on Hands as well as still having the potions on the cooldown.

One of the Paladins in the group was full Protection up to Holy Shield. Props to that since I know it won't be the most popular build. I just want to mention that.

I've never done damage that got over 1000 with my Paladin. NEVER! When I grind for mats with my Druid as Cat Feral I crit for 1200 very often with Ferocious Bite. Every time I do this I say to myself "Damn, I'll never get tired of critting over 1000!". So you can guess my surprise when I critted a Judgement of Command for this during this run:

What the hell? (this is without a single piece of epic gear)

So in conclusion I would guess I accomplished a third goal I wanted to do with my Paladin: crit over 1000. And boy, I sure did it! Woot. Tonight I have to say I can go to bed and sleep comfortably, feeling good of what I've achieved today.


Anonymous Vaelin said...

I'm loving my new build in PvP. My healing is just as good as it was before (better even, with Holy Power), and I get more controllable damage with Holy Shock and Judgment of Command (see my earlier comment post about creating a macro for a "strike of command").

My personal goals in the game now:
I've made it well into Knight-Captain. If I gain a fair amount of honor this week (80k or so) I expect to hit rank 9 next week. My first goal is to hit rank 10 and buy those rad looking shoulders.

After that, I'll continue to work for rank 11 and buy the epic cat mount. Turns out you can go ahead and purchase it, even if you can't ride it yet. Once I have the mount, I'll work on achieving Exalted with Darnassus.

From there on, it's hard to say. Depending on where I'm at in my new semester, I may lay low for a bit, just trying to maintain rank. Or, I may try and push to 13 to get the epic pvp set. For now, though, it's rank 10.

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Nonnobis said...

Congratulations on your pony! I got mine when 280g was a GOOD deal on a PBD. I am as thrifty in the game as I am irl, so buying the stone was a great sacrifice.

Regarding 1.9: I specced 30/0/21 (as I was before, ironically) with 5/5 in spell crit and 5/5 in melee crit, and Good Lord I crit crit crit all the time. I dumped smithing for engineerng for that extra stun, and manage to judge SoC at least twice each fight (unless the mob dies before I get the chance to. Ha!) With sanctity up and judging SotC, my JoC regular hit is usually 380-460-ish, and I crit up to 1000. SoC procs at about the mid 300s and crits around 450-550-ish (not sure on that one.)

The real fun is that I wield the Earthshaker and often get a proc when my other stuns are on cooldown. Then, boom!

At level 60, fighting a 55 sand worm with my Seeping Willow, I routinely took 45 seconds to finish the fight. When I got the Earthshaker, that went down to ~35 seconds. Now I can finish off the same beast in 15-20 seconds. Level 58 scorpids take about 23 seconds. Grinding won't be such a bore any more.

On Friday I get to see how the healing side of things work out in MC, and I will try to tank a 5-man next week.

9:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am also very happy, because my SoC-crits are still over 1k with sancity up (no JotC). Pre-patch my SoC record was 1899, but that was a very very lucky hit (vengeance + untamed fury (from untamed blade) + CrusaderProc + a few other buffs)

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could someone please spec their talents here ?

I reset yesterday but am slighly unhappy...

I'm only level 49 but want the quickest lvling build this is what i've specced...


Divine int 5/5


Redoubt 5/5
Toughness 5/5
Bok 5/5


Benediction 5/5
Imp Judgement 2/2
Imp Seal of the Crusader 3/3
Vindication 3/3
Conviction 5/5
Seal of Command 1/1
Eye for an eye 2/2
Two handed specialization 3/3

I will probably re-spec at 60 (don't mind healing :))

But for now I'd like to lvl as quickly as possible

I know it's all situational but
eye for an eye & vindication aren't floating my boat.

Also i noticed that +10% intellect < 10% Mana

I'd appreciate any inputs as this re-spec will cost 10g

P.S Sorry if this is not the done thing but i respect people's opinions here.

1:53 PM  
Anonymous Guilty said...


3:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Also i noticed that +10% intellect < 10% Mana"

Depends on what you are looking for. 10% intellect does give you slightly less mana, but it increases your spell crit rate by ~1%. You don't get a boost to crit rate with just increasing your mana pool.

As far as your talents go, it does really depend on your play style. I prefer melee and offense but also step back and heal when things get tight. So I'm going 20/0/31.

If you want to do damage primarily for grinding I think you are on the right track. Vengence will help things as will the 10% boost from Sanctity aura. Keep speccing into protection till you can invest in improved hammer of justice, which should help your damage output from JoC substantially.

4:11 PM  
Blogger Mastgrr said...

The thing is that the spell crit rate you get from Divine Intellect is marginal unless you've got over like 300 int I believe.

The reason for the slight nerf I think was justified because now the talent is dirt easy to get.

I mean, Divine Intellect + Blessing of Kings = 20% more mana. Good stuff if you're going to mainheal!

7:49 PM  
Blogger Mastgrr said...

Actually, here's a thread on what the Paladin spellcrit rate might be (speculative):


8:05 PM  

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