08 January, 2006

Midnight notes.

I've decided to not write anything lengthy about tonight's raid, mainly due to that I don't think I could add anything relevant except three minor bits:

- I beat the MT in damage, and that's including a moment of AFK and not concentrating on using SoC with JutC all the time (due to the fact that many of the casters demanded JoW!). I'll upload the list later...
- While the Greater Blessings are awesome it just seems to me that because we now have all this free time to do whatever we want to do we Paladins keep forget to bless! I know, it's crazy, but it's true. Happened to us several times. A Druid even came in to our syndicated Paladin channel and complained about the lack of Salvation... Hehe! Man, them casters sure love Salvation.
- The Ragnaros fight seems to be less about trying to throw heals and more about annoying clipping problems when trying to get your butt out of the lava.

In a related note... As you probably know now, the War Effort now has an official counter up. I just have to say that I'm damn proud of being a player on the Medivh server. We're doing it strong. The Alliance side I know have now completed the turn-ins for Thorium as well as Rainbow Fin Albacore just tonight. I hope our server is the first server to open the gates, and I think it will be.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paladins are the best healers in a PvE raid ... There heals are extremely low threat (so you can use them earlier in an encounter than anyone else), BoL and JoW are easily sustainable, with increased crit you get a lot of free heals, and spamming FoL makes your priest and druids jobs so much easier.

If you are out-damaging the MT, thats no biggy, but you should not be!

12:17 AM  
Anonymous Garrius said...

Don’t you like wearing cloth? ;)

In my role in Onyxia, it is to bless salvation on everyone (except warriors), judge wisdom (since I’m one of the only holy pallies in the raid and have 30-40 second judgement of wisdom), auto attack him in phase 1 and to keep my party alive (which is most likely a whelp group so I use blessing of protection on the mage that aoes). Judgement of wisdom should always be up during phase 1 and for the first 30 secs of phase 2. Most healing classes should still be near 100% mana by phase 3, where its pretty much heal who you can when you can.

In MC, the only difference is that instead of healing on some mobs, I’ll be cleansing. Firelords are the biggest annoyance since there DoT is also a silence. Also, forget about healing at sulfuron (well the one with 4 priests, I can never remember the boss names). Cleansing one particular warrior is all you should be doing as the DoT it is the biggest life burner.

I’m usually up their with Onyxia in healing meters, and around 10th in healing meters in MC, which is ok since I don’t find that healing is my highest priority. I have 5 epics I use in MC.

The only time I was in bwl, I was fully nekkid with some friends. Controlling the orb is fun… until your friends die ;)

The most important question I have… did you have fun? :)

1:46 AM  
Anonymous Soulpatch said...

bah i say the meter was bugged :P

4:45 AM  

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