03 November, 2005

Sony DRM helps cheat in WoW

Sony's new anti-piracy CD's make it possible for you to play with hacks in WoW undetected.


You heard it right. It's 100% true. If you didn't know, the buzz about the Warden got so big that BBC wrote about it.

Slashdot has the story. Here are some interesting quotes from the thread:
This is newsworthy because someone can legitimately use the Sony CD and have the rootkit installed, and then play WoW. So blizzard can't just look for signs of the rootkit and ban that account - people will be pissed for a non-legit ban. At the same time, people can do the same thing AND initiate a cheat on WoW and claim to be pissed for the same "non-legit" ban.
Sad to say that this is a reality. Hacks suck. They destroy the game. They destroyed Diablo and Diablo 2.

Here's an ironic (and funny) perspective on it:
Sony owns Everquest. Coincidence, or conspiracy? Hrmm...


Anonymous nemof said...

there is perhaps a better and more ironic way of titling this article, and it's "sony DRM helps protect WoW players privacy". The one thing I would emphasize is that when I bought WoW I didn't install it and agree to the ToS/EULA knowing that there would be a piece of spyware on my computer, looking at everything I'm running, whether it relates to WoW or not.

5:49 PM  

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