01 November, 2005

"Intended to be easy to play"

Guys. Just so you know, when Chilton was talking about that the Paladin class designed to be easy, he was pointing it out as reflective mistake. In other words, you have to put what he said in the right context.

Vaneras on the Euro Paladin board explains this in detail:
...Mr. Chilton was talking about the original concept of the class when he said Paladins are meant to be easy to play.

He went on to say it became so easy that it felt too simplistic, and that’s something they are considering addressing in patch 1.9.

It should be made clear that Mr. Chilton’s statement does not mean that the Paladin will not receive updates and improvements in the future.


Anonymous Vaelin said...

From what I hear, seals and judgements were added to try and address this. Oops.

8:13 PM  
Blogger Mastgrr said...

Well, we all know how that worked out.

9:35 PM  
Anonymous Suicidal Zebra said...

Well, as far as I can see, the issue was that the Seal/Judgement system conceptually was a pretty good idea, it was just extremely weak in implementation. SotC was by far the best Seal providing a flat 40% DPS increase pre-nerf, and then SoC became easily the best, with not a bad increase in DPS for extremely low mana.

The issue was (and still is) that other Seals are pretty poor in comparison and Judgement effects are very weak for the Seal+Mana cost. SoR is poor without huge amounts of +Spell damage, SoJ suffered from the Stun dim-ret nerf, SoL is minor in effect, SoW is poor solo and Paladins are very rarely called on to tank which reflect badly on SoF. Judgements are laughable except in very specific circumstances (JoW excluded), and most have a very unimpressive effect (JoC anyone?).

An effective revamp of the Judgements (esp. reducing the cooldown), and later SoC Ranks, could really rescue the class and make Paladins much more interactive. Strikes + Seals would be very nice, but has the potential to be abusive on poor Rogues and Warriors.


What am I saying? Bring it on :D

10:30 PM  
Blogger Lord Vir said...

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10:41 PM  

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