26 October, 2005

CmdrTaco plays a Paladin

CmdrTaco, famous for being the founder of the very popular website Slashdot encountered some problems recently and decided to write about it. He doesn't hold a grudge against Blizzard per se, but rather felt kind of violated because he couldn't use his nickname which he's grown attached to over all these years.

He plays a Paladin as well, like all cool people do!

Slashdot had a heavy topic regarding Blizzard only a month ago with the "interview scandal" that I wrote about .

Edit: Spelling corrections. I'm not that fluent in Latin!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As far as I'm concerned, CmdrTaco can (excuse my french) STFU. That's a tad harsh but he's being a complete whiner. His name is aginst multiple parts of the ToS that he agreed to on more than one occasion. It's not even a name.

8:22 PM  
Anonymous nemof said...

funnily, you mr anonymous espose the exact point he is making in his article, the idea of hiding behind the anonymity that the internet creates, and so not being responsible for your actions, which is why you can say 'STFU' about a guy you don't even know. Would you say that to his face? I doubt very much that a lot of what is said in WoW forums would ever be repeated in real life, person to person because people are just so rude because they won't get in trouble for it.
If you had actually read the whole article mr anon you would have seen that CmdrTaco actually said that Blizz were perfectly in their rights to ask him to change his name; he recognised that his name was against the ToS so it's been changed. He wasn't complaining about that, he was more writing an article about peoples attachment to their online alter-ego's, and how we become quite attached to them and so how dissapointed he was to have to give up his in WoW, which he had been using all over the internet for years and years.

12:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"per se"

12:27 AM  
Anonymous bmmp said...

Im sorry, but why could'nt he use CmdrTaco as his handle? What in the ToS says he can't use it and why? Seems innocent enough. Also, what's ToS?
Terms of....

2:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would tell him he is a whiner to his face(I will if I see him at Blizzcon) and yes, "STFU" is a tad harsh, I said that. But people have whined about this since the beggining of WoW and I'm a tad sick of it.

CmdrTaco is against the Terms of Service(ToS) because:
1. No abbreviations
2. No Titles
3. All names must be pronouncable how they are spelt (Cmdr is not pronouncable)

Again he agreed to this when he started playing and others have complained about it from the beggining. He knew he was violating the ToS (If he didn't then he should read legally binding contracts before he agrees to them)

And yes he said in the beggining that they were within thier rights... and then promptly began saying how he feels "violated".

BTW, I simply don't bother with making an Account on this site.

60 Rogue Elune Ryucha
26 Warlock Sargeras Karite

5:08 AM  
Anonymous nemof said...

he obviously didn't realize he was violating the ToS or he would have chosen a different name. As someone who admins a massively successful news and discussion website I imagine he has a very healthy understanding of user-agreements and ToS, so I don't think he would glibly go around breaking WoW's.
I hardly feel Taco is whining. He makes a few valid points, especially about GM's. He suggests that the way that GM's currently operate mean that when they decide to take action against you for a particular reason, it does not really matter whether they are correct or not, you cannot do anything to stop them. Apart from anything else they are partly protected by the anonymity of the pseudonym they employ, and this sometimes leads to heavy handidness on the GM's part - I have personally experienced this heavy handed whacking stick of justice GM's randomly (it seems) dishes out. I say heavy handed because there have been plenty of people on my server (eu-thunderhorn) who from day one have had abbreviated names or names with titles in. If GM's are going to enforce rules then they need to be strict; at the moment it just seems random and not particularly effective.
oh and it's as easy as clicking on "other" under identity and then typing in a name when making a comment here. the nickname I use is made up of my real name and sirnames first letter.
If Taco feels violated, that's up to him, I know in some peoples experience the way GM's have dealt with them could be called nothing else. I'm not sure whether that counts in Taco's case though.

8:43 AM  

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