25 October, 2005

Judgement of Command (!) is hotfixed!

Weirdest thing ever?

Totally weird.

A recent hotfix that was made did not get properly fixed. This has now been fixed and reapplied.
Judgment of Command should now work correctly.
The guy who first replied, said it right:
Who cares? It's USELESS!!
I have to agree. It's a pretty dang useless judgement. Anybody who use it should be slapped.

1. It's overly expensive. As someone said: "Seal on 175mana, Judgement 165mana and stun 100 mana so,around 500 mana wasted on 84dmg !!!!"
2. It does miniscule damage. 84 Holy damage, omg!
3. It's an overly complicated process. Activate Seal. Get in to range. Judge target. Launch Stun or Seal and hope it proccs.
4. The invested time, clicks, button pushing and mana is not worth the damage output.
5. Due to the diminishing returns of stuns, it's effectiveness is reduced severely. "84 Damage! IMMUNE! IMMUNE!"

Turns out, things get worse: The hotfix was to change back Judgement of Command to it's original, useless state. Apparently you could do damage on to someone with Seal of Justice through Judgement of Command, despite the diminishing returns. So in other words; it was an extra 82 damage on every strike (even if it showed IMMUNE flash up on them!).

Wow. That made it so much more uselfull.


Blogger L'Emmerdeur said...

Jeez, my new lvl 11 Troll Rogue can do almost as much dps as my 60 pally.

And my 38 UD Mage? Could kick my Pally's ass.

'Nuff said.

4:06 PM  
Anonymous Elderin - 60 Pally Whisperwind said...

If there was any doubt that the Paladin needs a serious combat buff, I can close that arguement right now. Besides my favorite, Elderin of Whisperwind, I have a Warrior alt, Bowens (also of Whisperwind) who is currently level 51. He is Arms/Fury Speced while Elderin is Retribution/Holy Speced.

At somewhere near level 48-50, Bowens started doing more damage per second than Elderin. This is not me just saying this; the damage meters all show Bowens doing more DPS than Elderin.

Someone tell me that this is "working as intended." A toon ten levels below does more damage? And it isn't even close, now that Bowens is level 51. It would have been kinda understandable if Bowens was level 55+, but ten levels lower? That just doesn't make sense.

Oh, what does this have to do with SoC? SoC is the main damage dealer for Retribution Paladins and they nerfed it again (though, admittedly, I've never judged Command).

5:26 PM  
Anonymous Sciar said...

My paladin deals a steady 99.0 DPS, he is level 60, I have good gear (Including 3 pieces of my lawbringer) and I swing an Ice Barbed Spear (If only alliance could win AV a little more I'd finish off my reputation).

People always find complaints to keep us at 99 DPS. We get a free horse, We get a cheaper epic (Which was actually more expensive for a while). We have 12 seconds of immunity, well just tell everybody else what I say and they should listen.

My immunity is the same as you _______. I'll lose it when you lose yours.

6:09 PM  
Anonymous Elderin - 60 Pally Whisperwind said...

Don't get me started on Divine Shield. By far, it is the worst spell in the Paladin repetriore. Unless you're soloing, it is horrible in PvE. It drops aggro from the Paladin. Now, the Paladin has difficulty enough keeping aggro by itself. Now, we have a spell that drops it. FTW!

So, when you drop aggro, guess who gets pounded? Yay, the squishies! By popping DS, you mave ensured the death of a squishy. Good spell there!

Some will assert that they need it so they can heal. Let's think about this for a sec. You're a Paladin in plate. Who would you rather have a mob hit, you or that mage in cloth? (Hint: you take less damage and have more health). So, even if you're healing, it's better to keep aggro on you than on the mage.

In PvP, it is only moderately usefull. For 12 second, you can heal without limitation. For the other 288 seconds, you can be stopped. All an oppoent needs to do is to get you to pop your shield and it's over.

The bad part is that it gives others the opportunity to say Paladins are over powered. I see constantly how the Paladin has 5 sheilds or something like that. The standard assertion is "WTFOMGPWNZZBBQ, Pala suxxorz cause they can sheild and heal to full all the time." Then rumor spreads and suddenly, Paladins are "overpowered."

Devine sheild is awful.

7:04 PM  
Blogger Lord Vir said...

The funny part is the JoC bug is like the JoW, seal of fury bug, even when it's bugged it still sucks so bad that it's not worth using.

3:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't see why they should waste time and man power to fix something that is fundamentally broken. It's like trying to repair a car with square wheels.

6:03 AM  
Anonymous kyosei said...

The judgement of wisdom and seal of fury combo is a good bug in my opinion. Get a fast one-hander and you can suck aggro off warriors.
Believe me I've done it before.

Plus you get all your mana back like nothing especially if you have blessing of wisdom on. Which by the way, adds onto the aggro.

Using this combo you can tank Drakk ;p Though most won't let you or will laugh if you ask. But I had a friend do it once and quite sucessfully with her pally.

6:43 PM  

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