26 October, 2005

Tomorrow's the last day

Two days until BlizzCon. Wow.

I plan to have a revised list of predictions on what's to be included in the expansion up by tomorrow evening, CET time.

First thing is that there's so much more information available than just 20 days ago, the list needs to be more up-to-date. Second reason is that there's been requests for it, which is always fun!

Man, that's just so much goodies that might come in the expansion pack. I can't wait!


Anonymous Elderin - 60 Pally Whisperwind said...

Since I will be at BlizzCon, I will provide you with up to date information.

Especially when I get kicked out for sceaming "BUFF PALADINS" at the developers about 40 million times.

8:00 PM  
Blogger Mastgrr said...


Thanks :)

10:20 AM  

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