06 September, 2005

Thoughts on the leaked notes

I'm getting reports that Spybot, who leaked this, was the same person responsible for the 1.5 and 1.6 notes leaks, which were as I recall, completely accurate. (Edit: Turned out to be totally false)

So far there have been no reports of factual inaccuracy. There were claims, such as that Tauren Wolfriding is to be included in 1.7, but they were shot down.

Some people say this is fake because "it's not possible that they've got all these things done already in advance". Think about it for a minute: This could very well be a list of things that is planned for 1.8.

Also, consider the fact that 1.7 has been out on the test server for two weeks now, and when you include the internal test, it's definitely had a content freeze for over three weeks. Could possibly be four, or even five. Who knows?

The sad part about this is that the only thing we can do now is drool over these notes for at least a month. Definitely won't be released until the end of October, coincidentally around the same time as BlizzCon (and the expansion announcement).


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