05 September, 2005

So-called "leaked" patch notes

Read bottom of this post for an update.

There's been a lot of talking in recent days about the "leaked" patch notes WCRadio has (audio). You can read the list in text here.

I've been sceptic of them myself, and I've learned from my mistakes in the past by linking to rumored notes -- so it would be a disservice to just link and speculate on all that pop up. It's a waste of my time and your time if they're false. However, there's just so much discussion on these that I'll have to talk about it:

Lets start with the good parts: Instant cast heal, Divine Light -- good stuff. Longer blessings. Holy strike (!). A lot more stuff that's too much to list up. I love the changes to make the Paladin a better healer.

Bad parts: The notes seem to be a bit garbled and confusing. For example according to the notes Improved Hammer of Wrath is in the Retribution tree, whereas the actual spell really is in the Holy tree. Many talents are unaccounted for, for example Improved Lay on Hands, Consecration. Auras, seal and judgement system are untouched when the developers said they were going to make the system more interactive.

Why they fall flat is because these notes are too out too early, and what considering Caydiem said recently ("Druids have higher priority in 1.8, Paladins are after that.") sends conflicting messages. If the developers are spending their time with the Druids, how come these notes look finished? To me these changes could be put in 1.8 immediately. That is why I caution you to be heavily sceptic towards these notes.

I personally think that Blizzard will never make our shields (Divine Protection/Shield) talent-gained damage absorption spells. One of the essences of a Paladin is the total immunity it gives us every five minutes, for good and bad.

Edit: Yep. I was right. I'm not going to touch these things with a ten foot pole from now on.


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