29 August, 2005

You're the man now, dog!

If anyone here hasn't heard about YTMND before, you've not experienced one of the latest and hippest websites on the internet. The basic premise of it is simple. Peoples create their own pages. You may have a sound clip, have a picture and write three lines of text. The simpleness is what makes the cheesiness work real good. Nonsensical postmodern humor.

Without any introduction, here's the vastly popular Picard ytmnd. Extremely popular. Over 1 000 000 hits. And with no shame in my body I have to link the Snoop doing it old school. I failed to create a fad, but being on the top list of most viewed and beating Picard for a couple of days this summer sure felt pretty sweet!

Naturally, because it's a user driven website, it is bound to attract disgruntled Paladin players. Here are a couple of highlights:

The meeting
A ytmnd-ization of Azeran's famous video.

Pally DPS FTW!
Based on a movie where a raid had Lucifron at around 1 to 3% of health. A couple of Paladins left -- they wiped!

STFU Paladins... (not work safe: contains cursing!)
Obviously made by a disgruntled person who thinks that people should be quiet and just learn how to play the class.

Shield and Heart'd
When will Blizzard release this specially customized Paladin keyboard?

Paladin Disgrace
Someone who hates when we wear the Elements' shoulders -- however I know some people who find wearing them hot!

We've all been in this situation. Horde player summarizing our class.

Runner up:

Paladins in a nutshell
Is he screaming because he's angry? Screaming because his Divine Intervention failed protecting a wipe for the 32:nd time? This one makes you think.

My favorite:

WoW Paladins
The courageous warrior of light yet again doing what he does best. Gaze at his nobility while the soothing trumpets accompany a picture of the most stereotypical thing a Paladin does. (the music makes it work!)


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