28 August, 2005

Sunday night blogging

Gallant's Wristguards.

Is this potentially the most underestimated Healadin item of all time? Link. Awesome +14 int. Awesome +29 heal. Much better than Lightforge bracers. Drops off of the guards in Northern Dire Maul.

I've never see a Paladin gear list have it on it. Might be because it's "only" green (it ought to be blue, really). I've wanted this one bad for a long time. Only thing preventing me is the hard time finding people who are willing to farm the guards.

Divine Strike.

Caied, a 60 paladin on Eredar mailed me about Divine Strike on Thottbot, and wondered if this is a leaked ability for our upcoming changes, for example in the style of the Divine Intervention(NEWTEST). Is it a sign that they're bringing back Holy Strike with a new name?

It made me do some digging to find out whether that's true. Turns out that it might not be 'leaked' the same case as with Divine Intervention above, but rather something that was never given to the Paladin in the first place -- leftover from the beta data files.

Wowrunes.com is an excellent website. Kind of like Thottbot, but working in a different way. If I am not mistaken they extract data from the World of Warcraft MPQ-files and let you search through it. Divine Strike is there, but it's called "zzOldDivine Strike". If you just type in zzOld in the search find and hit enter, you will find many old abilities and skills.

Why is this? Why do they keep them when the Paladin isn't using them? Well, anyone who's been to Scarlet Stratholme can do the math. There are units there which are the old Paladin. If you're a Priest you can Mind Control and play the Paladin retro-style -- with Holy Strike and everything (as I've heard). Removing the old Paladin skills and talents would mean they'd have to redesign the units there, and that's just unnecessary work.

In fact, the description for the spell is awfully similar to what Hammer of Justice is ("The paladin's next attack will stun the enemy for 8 seconds."), except more sucky since it'd require us to be in close melee range.

Will 1.8 bring our talent improvements?
Druid (talents, primarily) is the higher priority class in 1.8, with Paladin next up behind them.
..says Caydiem, Winterbleed reports. Looks like the awaited changes might not be that far off as I thought. Druids are given the priority in 1.8, and seems like if they have the time they'll focus on the Paladin. Link.

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We've all done this, right?

Funny story by Odinsan


Blogger L'Emmerdeur said...

When you say "drops off the guards", does this mean killing the guards or Tribute run?

5:08 PM  
Blogger Mastgrr said...

Killing the guards.

Not that many people want to do that unfortunately, and would rather do a tribute run.

6:04 PM  

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