27 August, 2005

The best way to regain your mana

You think Innervate is good for mana regeneration? Think again.

A lot of people already know about this. I haven't discovered it really until now (stupid me!). This trick is pretty clever. Sneaky also. Sneaky enough for Blizzard to not thinking about it when they designed our seals and judgments. I remember reading on the Paladin forum way back with someone who said that he found out a clever way to have "ulimited mana" and that he wasn't telling anyone on how to do it because he didn't want it to be beaten with the nerf-stick like Seal of the Crusader was. To a certain extent I agree. But the trick -- it's just too good to not let you guys in on it.

And let me tell you:

It... Is... Amazing...

We've got two amazing judgments that are very beneficial to groups: Judgement of Light and Judgement of Wisdom. Judgement of Light grants all melee attacks at it's rank 4 the chance of healing themselves for 61 hp. Judgement of Wisdom grants all attacks the ability to restore 59 mana. For example, casters with wands do not have the ability to be affected by Judgement of Light, whereas with Judgement of Wisdom they do. Makes sense? Warriors and Rogues don't need mana.

Many Paladin players argue whether the best way to gain back mana in battle is to use Judgement of Wisdom in combination with Seal of Wisdom or Seal of the Crusader. With Seal of Wisdom you have the chance of both proccing and thus giving you mana. With Seal of the Crusader you strike faster, increasing the chance of gaining mana. Both work, but with limited results. Usually you have to spend a great deal of time on a mob to regain the mana you invested.

Seal of Fury is our aggro-grabbing spell. It's meant for us to be our primary seal for tanking. We were meant to use Blessing of Salvation in combination with Seal of Fury to be the party tanks. How does Seal of Fury work? It works by giving you 'invisible' procs. It doesn't show up on the combat log. When you strike with your weapon and it procs, it strikes simultaneously one time more with your weapon (...or was it two times? not sure, might've been Reckoning doing it's work). The extra strikes do not do damage. They're simply meant to bump you up on the aggro list.

The trick? The procs off of Seal of Fury works off of Judgement of Wisdom.

Judge Wisdom on a target. Activate Seal of Fury. Watch your mana regeneration zoom. It doesn't work with Judgement of Light because the extra strikes granted aren't counted as melee attacks. I'd recommend you to check your combat log and rub your eyes.

As the cherry on top -- if you've got three Paladins you can judge all three different ranks of Wisdom on the target. They stack. Mega mana regain!

Waiting to be beaten by the nerf-stick, for sure...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats awsome, btw i LOVE this site, its actully my homepage, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

3:59 PM  
Blogger Mastgrr said...

Thanks for the kind words :)

6:01 PM  
Anonymous Strongdar said...

This theoretically isn't any better than JoW+SoW. It only surpasses this combo if you triple proc with fury giving you 59+59+59=177. Triple procs are rare but if you manage to triple proc often then you are gaining more but not by much. The regular combo gives 59+90=149. Most of the time you double proc on fury and get 59+59=118 which is clearly inferior. If I knew the proc rate of both seals this might help in comparison, but I don't really notice much of a difference between the two. However, if you're tanking this is JoW+SoF is obviously a very good combo. I haven't tried to see if the different ranks stack yet. Next MC run I'll see if it works.

Nice insights into how fury works though. It's like windfury except no damage or attack power bonus. :(

7:30 AM  

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