30 August, 2005

Tips for Paladins... or rather lack of thereof

Kogenta brought this up on the official Paladin US forum, regarding the latest Alterac Valley advice on class roles:
"Paladin - Good at defense. Use your stuns on AoE/Fear charges. Use your Shield when the enemy is about to capture a graveyard or flag."

Lmao, they might as well add "and Hearth" after "Use your Shield".
..and he continues to add with that it proves Blizzard designed the Paladin class to be a loser class from the beginning. That's not my opinion. I don't think we're a loser class. Extremely flawed, yes. They (developers/Blizzard) realize themselves that this class brings little to the table so they're covering it up by giving nonsensical advice and arguments that any experienced Paladin player can see through immediately.

From the Alterac Valley tip page. The Paladin tips are at the very bottom, probably so nobody will happen to see it. Notice that it also has the shortest lines of text:

  • Good at defense.

  • What the heck does that mean? Why can't they describe what tasks we're supposed to in more detail like they did with the other classes? It's pretty cheap to give such a broad covering subject such as "Good at defense". It can mean a thousand things! Priests, Druids and Shamans are suggested to heal other players -- we're not, why? Also, do you think they gave Mages and Rogues "Good at offense"? It's like an action movie when the lead role says "wait in the car" so his partner won't follow with him.

    This is not a tip. All it does is say that we're supposed to stay back and hopefully do something when Horde attack. Remind me again why only one Paladin won the test of honor contest?

  • Use your stuns on AoE/Fear charges.

  • Stuns are: Hammer of Justice with a single target one-minute cooldown (usually more than one person that attacks), Repentance with a single target one-minute cooldown that breaks on damage and requires 30 talents in to the Protection tree (max talent investment, leaves little room for other things) and a Seal which randomly procs and subject to diminishing returns (highly unreliable).

    One or two stuns and one that's unreliable. Stun them and let other players grab kills. Next time you can use them is when all enemies are gone or dead.

  • Use your Shield when the enemy is about to capture a graveyard or flag.

  • This one just absolutely disgusts me. Kogenta said it right, they might as well add "and Hearth" after "Use your Shield". Makes me want to take a shower and cry.

    The main things we end up doing in PVE -- healing, judging, blessing and cleansing, is notoriously absent from the advice given. All we've got left is the shield and a two-three ways to crowd control. Is this what the class is supposed to do? Is this what our objective is? Yeesh...

    We're a miserably broken class, that's for sure.

    And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason for the existence of this blog. We've gotten the reputation for being nagging players. But the only way we can really change things is through grass roots efforts. We've proven we can talk the talk, but we really need to walk the walk. It's time to pressure Blizzard by bringing up stuff like this.

    It's not going to change over night but I think we can accomplish our goal by organization through player mobilization, effective talking points distribution and steering of public debate. It's time to stop this pro-Horde, anti-Paladin bias once and for all.


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    On the topic of "no use" as stated above, the "Paladis=adolescent girls" and "Heroes don't use shield+HS"..

    Paladins are Heathens..

    Read the european thread..


    1:40 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Oh, Sorry..

    The above poster (me) is Leord of EU Deathwing.


    4:55 PM  
    Blogger Mastgrr said...

    That's weird. I'll check it out.

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