03 August, 2005

Talent trees will be getting revamped

One of the biggest concerns brought up in the two suggestion threads (here and here) is that the Paladin's trees are messed up. Our talking points are that they provide little diversity between builds, the Holy tree doesn't even improve healing that much, and that there are so many useless talents.

Our talent trees will be getting revamps. Most likely in the style of the recently revealed Hunter changes. In other words, major revamps. Remember more than two months back? The answers for all of our questions are right under our nose:
...Please note that many of your concerns will be addressed when the talent trees are looked into.

Talent Trees
As with all classes, the talent trees for Paladins will be under investigation. The developers would like to make the talent trees more diverse. Please be aware that these talent changes will not come for a few content patches. We hope to improvement the existing Seals and Judgment system so you will have more control over your damage, and the fights will be more interactive.
Translation: We are going to change the talent trees of the Paladin. The developers messed up with trying to make sure that all three trees were not being specific enough, because we discovered that our original idea of them balancing out each other was in retrospect a bad decision and meant little variation in class distinction. These changes won't come out in quite a while, at least for several months. We will also try to make the Seal and Judgement system so it won't be as boring, inefficient and annoying to use.

Funny thing, it's bolstered more upon with the following:
Class Role
Paladins are good at many things, including healing, keeping others free of debuffs, and staying alive. Because of this, they are not set into one role. The improvements to the talent trees, mentioned above, should help define the Paladins role in groups. The developers liked the idea of being able to make Paladin’s into a healer with the Holy Tree, a fighter with the Retribution tree, or a tank with the Protection tree. We will be able to give you more details about the upcoming changes when the talent tree improvements begin.
Once again, translation: Making a catch-em-all class by trying to make all talent builds do everything didn't work out. Our talent tree revamps will help making Paladins more distinct, to help Paladins easier fine a specific role in a group. We changed our plans and now want the Paladin to become a healer with the Holy tree, a fighter with the Retribution tree and a tank with the Protection tree -- things that the class currently do not become by specifying in these trees just mentioned. We will be able to give you more details about the upcoming changes when the talent tree improvements begin.

I highlighted a word there I particularly found interest in... "Liked". The pure use of that word explains so much. It explains what they plan to do (diversify us), what they truly think of the class as it is right now (messed up), and that they made a mistake during design (we did bad).

The answers to our nagging has been under our noses for over two months, yet there was a ton of nagging regarding our fluky trees. I certainly hope that most of the questions answered aren't related to our talents.... because we already know this!

Edit: My use of the words "change", "messed" and "revamp" have hit new records.


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