30 July, 2005

1.7 brings the new Paladin spell

Ziiv pointed this out, said by Kalgan:
There is some measure of truth to this statement. Bonus honor makes up a significant portion of your total honor gain, which places a great significant on team success versus class dps differences. In addition, the tendency is for players to group in battlegrounds, allowing players who are playing supporting roles to share in the honor gains from killing.

That being said, Paladins in particular are receiving a new spell in patch 7 that should help their damage contribution in a standoff fight like Alterac Valley, or in a scenario where they normally couldn't quite finish their opponent.
Link to Kalgan's post. Good news that the spell has a release date. Let's hope 1.7 comes out next week either live or on the test server... Going to be mighty interesting to see how this spell works.


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