20 July, 2005

Paladin Feedback - 7/18/05

Developer attention!

Edit: Yeah, I was a bit slow at noticing that thread. Sorry about that, I blame it on my time-zone difference.

Take time to read it, I've done that for over an hour. You will never find a more comprehensive library of constructive comments on the class anywhere on the entire internet. This is the Paladin community at its finest. Months of thoughts and comments are all being let out in to that single thread.

The funny part about it is that I don't think Ordinn really expected to get so much to read, because it's massive. The thread is literally filled with posts that all are quite lengthy, and at the same time very constructive. So far I see a very little rate 'crazy' posts demanding obviously unrealistic changes/additions.

It says it's at 13 pages now, but that's not the case because the thread has been bugged. I posted my slightly revised article on the Judgement-system and it didn't show up.

This is the golden moment, and we've done the best we ever could. I am extremely impressed. Now all we can do is hold our thumbs and hope that the information Ordinn forwards to the developers is what we want them to know.


Anonymous Elderin - 60 Pally Whisperwind said...

I am wondering where did our other comments go?

What happened to Fangtooth?

10:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

some paladins are turning the feedback thread into the suggestion forum. now feedback with suggestion is no problem. burns me that turd posts like that are drowning out the good feedback

5:11 PM  

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