02 August, 2005


This build is becoming more and more popular I've noticed as of late. Believe touches with it here. He discovered, I speculate, almost a replica of the build that Loke -- the only Paladin to win the Test of Honor-contest, is using (except it differs in things like Improved Blessing of Freedom, etc).

Loke did not win without a reason, he unlocked the in my opinion the most powerful build right now that a Paladin can have. :

1. It grabs all the good stuff from the Protection tree such as Repentance, Reckoning, Improved Blessing of Protection. Reckoning is awesome with a two-hander. Repentance is awesome crowd control.
2. Despite going Protection it's not locking you in to using a shield.
3. It uses the best seal for damage: Command.
4. It still has room for the essential of the Holy tree: Spiritual Focus.
5. A nice bonus is Improved Salvation, something many people wouldn't get otherwise.

More and more I'm considering this build now over the Holy/Protection build I have going on right now. Doing an average of 90 damage per attack (with a 1.6 one-hander) isn't fun anymore. While I hate Seal of Command's complete randomness, imagining the extra attacks stacked up by Reckoning and using them all in a row with a two-hander just makes my stomach tingle.

However, I'm holding off to redistribute my talent points for a couple of days because we might get to know how our new talent trees look like at the end of this week. It'll probably require some major rethinking of how to specify our talent points if the Hunter-changes are a preview of what's to come...


Anonymous Strongdar said...

I agree. I talked with the other pallies in my guild about it and all agree its very tempting. For me, I've already respeced and it's great.

Also, I don't understand why people don't get improved freedom if they go this route. That's 5 seconds on top of 10. That's a 50% increase to the spells effectiveness. It's the most used pally pvp blessing and people somehow ignore this huge buff to it and get something like improved fury over it.

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