25 July, 2005

Nightly News Update

I should've reported this earlier, but due to internet outage I haven't been able to that much more these last days than to check my email (not that much of an excuse these days since everybody has internet now though). I don't want to bring in my personal life that much to this blog, but thanks to the outage I've been busy being in the woods, fishing and picking berries, etc. Overall just getting a bunch of fresh air I've been missing due to WoW. I feel great now.

In other news, it was hard to find people who were willing to investigate with me at Maraudon. I'll put it on hold till next week(-end). I'll try to in the meanwhile see if I can fix up an interview with the guy who made the Fangtooth Paladin-movie from a few weeks ago.

But I've been saving the best for last! Ordinn responded to the second feedback thread:
We'd like to thank everyone who posted constructive feedback in this thread. We've collected a lot of great feedback to take to the devs.

Please remember that getting feedback will take some time. We will try to post our findings by the end of next week.
Yes! My stomach is filled with butterflies right now. I wonder what the developers will respond with? I hope they finally give insight on the planned talent tree changes they mentioned two months ago, ("...Please note that many of your concerns will be addressed when the talent trees are looked into.", "...We will be able to give you more details about the upcoming changes when the talent tree improvements begin.")

It's being a little kid again, waiting for Santa!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I reiterate my previous comment in this issue.

What happened to our comments in May? We sumbitted over 1,000 comments to Fangtooth's post and were told that they were "looking into it." Two months later (and some nerfs; all Forsaken are not humanoid, cannot carry the flag while shielded, and if DS is up and we DI, we still die), we're back to giving suggestions.

IMHO, this was just a pacifier to the Paladin outrage of having 1 Paladin win the Test of Honor contest across all US and Europe servers.

9:34 PM  
Anonymous Elderin - 60 Pally Whisperwind said...

The above post was by Elderin.

9:35 PM  

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