22 July, 2005

Today's bites

I know, this blog is mainly meant towards the crowd of Paladin players. However one of my interests is journalism, and I want to, or at least strive for, journalistic ethics. Tomorrow morning I will attempt to recreate the duplication bug at Maraudon that's all the buzz. This is an attempt to some investigative work. Blizzard denies its existance while others still says it works. This concerns us all, from Paladins to Warlocks. I will document this as much as I can and later on write about my results and observations. Hopefully I'll be able to publish a chat with a Chinese farmer that I've seen hang around Maraudon for quite some time.

A second thread has been created by the Eyonix for us to constructively complain. As an anonamous person mentioned in the comments on the post below that quality per post is deteriorating. I agree. There's now more wild suggestions of giving the Paladin a mounted-attack and other things. Three words to these people: Not gonna happen. Please stop.

Fath has published an article on the apparent lack of newly created Paladins and provides a list of possibilities why that might be so. Ends with the same old "sucks to be cleanse/buffbot".

Aldarius has written on suggesting shortening the time limit of the blessings. It's a very interesting concept and his arguments are pretty good for it. It'd make the blessings system more alive if all the blessings were like Blessing of Freedom and Blessing of Protection. Read it and hold your thumbs that Blizzard have too.


Anonymous Elderin - 60 Pally Whisperwind said...

This is troubling.

A couple of month ago, we submitted four or five threads full of suggestions to Fangtooth.

Fangtooth went to the developers and got responses for many of our suggestions.

Now, two months later, CMs are again asking our suggestions. Why? They haven't implemented our previous suggestions so we are going to post the same ones again.

CM in May - "Please give us some suggestions."

Players in May - "We need a snare of some type."

CM in May - "We'll take that under consideration."

CM in July - "Please give us some suggestions."

Players in July - "We really need a snare of some type."

CM in July - "We'll take that under consideration."

What's going on in Blizzard land?

10:47 PM  

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