20 July, 2005

"I am powerfull....learn to play!"

Lighthammer has written an article on the class titled "I am powerfull....learn to play!" published on the official Pally forum. He talks about tanking and healing and that we shouldn't focus so much on trying to do damage. He also offers a list at the bottom of what major annoyances the class have. Here's a part where I totally agree with him:
I find retribution the best aura hands down for tanking as a paladin. Sure I give up the armor but with my stuff it like a 1%dmg reduction or something stupid. Sure some mage will #@%$! but ignore him... The reason retribution aura is the best is because all melee adds take dmg from you. If you run devotion the instant you get a heal you have lost aggro on all the adds. This is why many say a paladin can't tank. So use retribution aura and short of some big early heals or a dumb mage going nuts you will be fine.
Everyone expects naturally that the tanking aura of choice is Devotion, right? It gives an armor boost and is classified to be in the Protection-lineup of spells. But since that it's not the case I consider it a failure of design.


Anonymous Elderin - 60 Pally Whisperwind said...

I'm not sure I completely agree. I've heard this discussion before and ran some experiments. My armor goes from 6656 unbuffed to 7391. I believe this is a 6% damage reduction.

On the other hand, my Retribution Aura only does 21 points of damage. Granted, I could increase that to 25 if I put Talent points in it, but it is not a significant damage dealer to build hate.

If I understand it correctly, the Retribution Aura isn't considered normal "holy damage" so SoF or JoF do not affect it (I think this is true because JotC does not increase the Retribution Aura damage). So, you're building normal hate, just like the druid's Thorns spell.

Furthermore, if a Paladin loses aggro for whatever reason, the other character the mob begins to hit will start to build the aggro instead, making it even more difficult to regain the aggro. With Devotion Aura, the character getting attacked gains the Armor protection so take less damage.

I gave a pretty detailed response why I thought this guy's ideas were incorrect. Essentially, a Druid can do what a Paladin can do, only better.

10:30 PM  
Blogger Mastgrr said...

You are totally correct with the issue of if you lose the aggro to someone else in the group you're going to have a hard time grabbing it back. But the 'main' issue is we happen to tank considerably better with Retribution aura in the first place.

I'd argue however that it does affect Judgement of Fury.

And I'm not sure if the reason why Retribution isn't affected by Judgement of the Crusader is a reason to consider it non-standard Holy damage. It could just be a limitation put there intentionally to limit its power, though arguably that's pretty stupid considering its weakness in the first place.

I'll test the JoF with Retribution aura in a controlled environment to see if either of us are correct.

11:20 AM  
Anonymous Elderin - 60 Pally Whisperwind said...

I'd be interested in your results. Admittedly, I typically use Devotion Aura for the armor benefits, but if Retribution Aura builds more hate with SoF or Jof, it might be worth it to tank BRD.

I find that Scholo and UD Strat are easily tanked due to our undead abilities.

10:35 PM  

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