21 March, 2007

Priests Are Not Hybrids

Excellent post that dispel the talking points being spread by pro-Shadow Priests.

Tseric's post in question:
…you are one of the pure role classes in the 'Holy Trinity'…
So Santo concludes:
The answer to the question of "Why aren't Priests the best healers?" is "because Priests are hybrids". This is false. I'm repeating that to make it clear.
The post also brings up the often-said thing that Priests aren't the best healers. Sorry, but that's crap. Maybe not the most mana efficient, but Priests sure have the best tools for all types of situations - by far.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well to priests you add HoT's, PWS, Fort buffs, Prayer of Mending and everything else, adding the fact that their bomb heals are pretty damn high. Being the best healer isn't always the numbers.


9:57 PM  
Anonymous Paltivar said...

Shadow priests are still healers. The first Black Morass I ran with a shadow priest I cast two heals before the first boss.

Just because its not single target healing and not instantly scalable like normal healing doesn't change the fact that it negates a lot of damage.

11:15 PM  

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