10 November, 2006

A Dire Change

Micah alerted me that in this latest patch Druids got an incredible upgrade to dire bear form, most likely in return for the increased damage mitigation and health bonus we got. As Micah puts it (together with this picture):
Adding an extra 90% armor bonus from items, and increasing the amount of health given from ~1200 to +40%. UGH!
This plus the fact that Feline Swiftness now add +4% dodge.

I don't think it's anything bad for us at all. They have crapload of more health plus armor than us, but we have better damage mitigation, blocking, parry and reactive damage, ranged taunt, etc.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


So we're back to being the third best tank in the Game.....

Well it was nice whilst it lasted

1:25 PM  
Anonymous snow said...

They don't have defensive stance. They can't reduce crushing blows in any way. They can't parry or block. They have no aoe threat abilities besides demoralizing roar and 3 target swipe. They can't bubble or shield wall; they don't have ardent defender.

They will mitigate physical damage slightly better than us on single targets. They will take 11% more magical damage than we will using the appropriate aura, and 16% more than a prot warrior with imp. defensive stance. In fact in the live game they are already the best at this. In other words, they will outtank us on broodlord type fights. We will outtank anyone on 2+ targets. Both of us are now better than non-prot warriors. Prot warriors are the best overall. IMO nothing is out of balance, for once.

What we need to do is buff our poor ret fellows, and to give prot more defense against casters. Complain about avenger's shield, and weapon expertise, not druids.

5:03 PM  
Blogger Lord Vir said...

Good, I like seeing both the druid and the paladin get tanking buffs. Groups shouldn't have to rely on just warriors to fill the main tank role, just as they don't have to rely on just priests to fill a healing role.

I would like to see prot get more defense against casters, and maybe one PvP heal, to round out the tree (like blessed life does for holy) and make a pvp prot build more appealing.

5:22 PM  
Anonymous jade said...

Completely agreed. I hated it but agreed that since pallies were alliance only it really wouldn't be fair to let the paladin's be as good or better tanks than warriors. But now that the horde has them? Hell yeah they need to open up tanking to more than just warriors. As it stands now would you rather take a shadow priest or a restoration specced druid as your main healer in a 5 man, assuming they are both about equally geared to the instance. Easy pick, you take the druid as long as someone else can rez. That should definitely be the same way with tanks once the expansion hits. Do you want to take a fury warrior or a prot pally as a tank? Easy pick, you take the pally. This is going to be a great time to be a pally came back to collect my judgement, 5/8 so far but I seem to be a little perplexed as to where this vaunted stamina went.

Compare tier 4 combined stats
All sets = 4902 Armor total between the 5 pieces
Holy Set
+137 Sta
+145 Int
+347 Healing
19 mp/5
+55 Spell Crit

Tank Set
+162 Sta
+129 Int
+114 Defense
+15 Shield Block Rating
+53 Block Value to shield
+114 Spell Damage
13 mp/5

Melee Set
+127 Str
+28 Agi
+121 Sta
+119 Int
+13 Hit
+42 Crit
+139 Spell Damage
8 mp/5

with the same 5 pieces of tier 2
Armor 3479
Str 62
Sta 100
Int 105
Spi 28
FR 30
NR 10
SR 20
FrR 10
Ar 10

Spell Damage +105
20 mp/5

It's better, but not by as much as I would expect for a 10 leve jump. Personally if our armor doesn't start looking better I'm not sure I'll make it a priority to upgrade my tier 2 until I have all the stuff I would have to compete with other classes for.

11:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dire maul bear form eh?

12:50 AM  
Blogger Mastgrr said...

You're right. It's Dire Bear form. Not Dire Maul bear form.

12:59 AM  
Anonymous mchammar said...

With the tier 5 graphics starting to leak, it seems like Blizz might release the two sets at the same time, putting the tier 4 in 5-man dungeons or at least making it easier to get. To compare it to what we all experienced gearing up in the first place, this would place it somewhere between lightforge and lawbringer. Sort of a dungeon/raid set cross.

Of course, I could just be blowing smoke. It's a hypothesis, anyhow.

3:07 AM  
Anonymous jade said...

I hope so, cause I'm not overly impressed with Tier 4 stats. Maybe if it's a starting point for us to jump into bigger and uglier armor that might be fine though.

3:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger mastgrr baiter said...

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Anonymous Vaelin said...

In other news, my guild finally down'd Nefarian tonight. The best part is that it was our first attempt of the night, and we had black/blue drakonids.


I was high DKP Paladin, but unfortunately it was Priest/Warlock chest drop.


3:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They need to diversify the tank roles!

DPS classes rogue and mage share the same role as the best dpers. Mage is ranged, longevity in a fight is finite, have great damage, and they come with the best CC. Rogues are melee and because of that require healing, they can go forever in a fight thanks to energy, they have great burst and do even more damage when the target is sundered. On top of that they have great aggro control and limited CC. Despite sharing the same role, mages and rogues are very different.

Healing is the same too. Druids are kings of dots, paladins have great efficiency and priests are fast healers. So everyone sees that you should have all 3.

Tanks? Warriors have a monopoly on it.

They need to make sub roles in tanking like AOE tanker or spell damage sponge. While at the same time, making each class viable in a general tanking role.

4:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just to say Congrats Droids. 2 weeks ago 2 of our guilds top paladins left their class one has switch main to Druid(figured) and the other has more or less gone awol with the words "This was the last time i logged on as paladin".

Our CM has told us that he will either quit playing if he arent allowed to switch main.

We hade 9 paladins for 6 spots and always filling them up. Last 3 months we have had to recruit 2 Lightforge paladins to be able to fill them up and what happens one of them quit with "Boring"-reason.

So now we have 4 spots in raids and are having trouble filling them up.

We arent a hardcore guild cause we only raid 3 times a week. But we are in last bosses in AQ and have done a few in Naxx.
We CANT recruit ONE paladin because NOONE is playing paladin anymore on our server. Do a /who paladin and you get around 25 hits. 25!

So while i congratulate the Druids i also watching the paladin class die =( /Cry.

11:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mastgrr: Your Beta General link under the USA dropdown menu is simply redirecting you to paladinsucks again.

7:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They don't have defensive stance.
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9:30 AM  

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