09 May, 2006

I Was This Close |-----| of Getting Sulfuras Today

Three weeks ago we downed Ragnaros and the Eye of Sulfuras dropped. People were screaming over that. Finally... Our guild could craft our first legendary weapon. It was a testament to our guild and what we've achieved (we're a casual raid guild). Majordomo went easily. Like five belts dropped for us on the way to him (and like, five belts for our Horde side who was doing MC at the same time too!). It was an odd run, to say the least.

When we spawned Ragnaros, we prepared to do him like any other week. Down him under 50%, handle sons, down him more and kill him. For some reason, we wiped. So we rezzed up and tried again. We wiped a second time. What the hell was going on? Worst part of all, we didn't have wipe protection (first time ever on Rag). So we had to release and run back. Things were shaky -- would we get to Ragnaros before he would despawn?

On our third attempt, things turned out to be quite a surprise. We finally did things perfectly. Minimal deaths and handled the sons nicely.

And then Ragnaros died.

And then we saw that he had the Eye of Sulfuras on him.

It was the Second Eye of Sulfuras to drop within such a short amount of time for us. Like -- three weeks or so. What are the odds?

People freaked out! My raid was going crazy on Ventrilo.

Our raid leader began accepting tells. I sent a tell with just for the heck of it. Whoever hasn't wanted a Sulfuras? This was my slim chance to get one. After five-ten minutes of waiting and suspense, the people who were it up for grabs were revealed. It was up to me and my friend Althor.

I freaked out because I didn't expect it. My hands were shaking. Seriously. I said that I'd pass it to him since our first one went to a Pally (and many were upset about that). But, then I learned that it'd just cause other complications because other people would be within the treshhold. So I took the choice to gamble (and lose) to just skip the beuarocracy. I mean, how hard could it be to lose? I had just had a lucky-streak earlier this week.

On the first roll, both me and Althor rolled 72.

People freaked out like heck. Ventrilo was friggin' insane! Screams. Bursts of laughter. My hands were shaking real bad. How can it be so close?

After things cooled down, the reroll commenced... The raid leader said it was time to roll.

Althor rolled 3.

The odds of me winning was HEAVILY in my favor.

I mean... It's friggin' 97% chance that I win it.

What do I do?

I roll a 1.

_ .. . - gRaTuLaTiOnS tO aLtHoR! - . .. _


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hehe, well too bad but maybe you'll see another one drop :)
We had 3 eyes drop on our first 9 raggy kills, 33% droprate on something which is supposed to have 3% droprate. I got the first eye anyway :)
On the other hand, we have had 0 LB-chest pieces drop on 28 golemagg-kills...
// Paxx

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Anonymous Vaelin said...

That blows man. Oh well, time to hoard your DKP now and blow them all on the Ashbringer, which appears to be coming in 1.11 per the official Chinese website.

10:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

they are a casual guild. Don't think casual guild get acces to ashbringer :s

2:41 PM  

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