27 April, 2006

Our talent review, Eyonix, Protection and Seal of Command.

Flin complains about that Shamans get a review whereas Paladins still haven't gotten as a good review in comparison to others.

Eyonix responds with a harsh tone. Unexpected...?

Is that what we've come to expect from him now? It seems to me every single time he talks about the Paladin class, he drifts away from his cheerish and positive behavior to a sly figure that overtly attacks the original posters intention of not being sufficiently constructive in his critisism. I don't know why this is the case, but, if he wants to leave a better impression than Caydiem he's not trying his best.

More Eyonix respondes here.

The Paladin talent review was 2/3rds of a review. How damn hard is that to understand? It's a total failure of Blizzard's part and I have no problem on people calling on bullcrap when it's true. They should just take it like men and admit that they just didn't give a dump's worth of the Protection tree during the review. Secret message: Check your server data Blizzard. Most of the Paladins agree that Protection is garbage. Sorry.

Also, one thing that's been bothering me A LOT lately is that Tseric's been leaking the information that Mages will get Evocation and Improved Arcane Explosion because "it's essential talents". Then what the heck is Seal of Command? I don't know of a single Paladin that doesn't have that seal. It's an essential talent to basically any Paladin that wants to solo and kill stuff within any form of sane amount of time.

I still have faith in 1.11 and 1.12. I hope they will provide some good stuff.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love how other classes get their talents that are 'required' made into base abilities, but seal of command wasn't made into a base abilitiy.

As if it's not bad enough that we only have one pvp viable seal (still), on top of it you have to dump 11 points into ret to get it.

It's nice to see people who have other level 60's speak up about the paladin class. I have a level 60 rogue, and while rogues could use a few tweaks, the class and their talents is still nowhere as screwy as the paladin class. I laugh at the other rogues asking for a review becuase they have a few talents they don't like or evicerate doesn't scale.

Another post I saw by Eynoix awhile back stated that he wasn't collecting as much info about the shaman review because he plays his shaman all the time and knows what needs to be fixed.

But didn't they say that CM's playing a class didn't make a difference when our review was on the table? What a joke.

4:56 PM  
Anonymous Ghmou, EX-60 Paladin said...

Kinda glad I quit the game...

Might be back if I feel like Paladins ever get their due.

Oh, and Eyonix is nice to most people, but a jerk to Paladins. Why?

6:46 PM  
Blogger Thoma said...

The "fix" for this is that SoR is supposed to do more damage with two handers in "a future patch".

The problem with buffing us for PVP (or even soloing since simular builds/talents are used) is that the Horde will piss and moan that thier shamans aren't as good in PvE. Of course Shaman's have had some buffs in that area and I'm sure thier review will add more PvE buffs.

8:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Buff the hell out of Shamans in PvE for all I care. What they do while inside their instances matters not to me. The problem is when the Horde and Alliance clash on the battlefield, and the Horde have more damage and better combat healing overall thanks to the Shaman class. Having played on the RPPVP PTR with my template hunter, I can attest to a faction imbalance in PvP. Many of the Horde in Alterac Valley were playing Shamans, while I saw very few Paladins. As a result, every battle I was in I left after either a steady Horde advance, or a stalemate within Alliance territory.

10:13 PM  
Blogger Brian said...

Let's start with the original topic.

There are three Paladin talents that should have been changed to base skills. Consecration, Blessing of Kings, and Seal of Command.

Consecration should be a level 20 spell.
Blessing of Kings should be a level 40 or 50 spell.
Seal of Command should be level 20 spell.

5:09 PM  

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